You are currently viewing Holi and Harassment – An opportunity for Hypersexual Male and Feminist
Holi and Harassment

Holi and Harassment – An opportunity for Hypersexual Male and Feminist

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Holi and Harassment are two directly-linked terms or we say that both of the events exist at the same time. I have been playing Holi for more than 17 years and I can say that I am well known for this festival. Although this is one of the religious festivals of the Hindu community, there are several negative faces of this festival. Sexual harassment is one of the main issues that is seen in Holi. I have seen many women being harassed by Hypersexual males. Yes, such men have hypersexual disorder who do such activities. I simply wanted to say that “All men are not the same”. In the name of Holi, some hypersexual men try to touch women’s private body parts and even try to rape them. In the past days, we have heard several incidents of rape and sexual harassment in Holi.

Holi and Harassment
Holi and Harassment

Okay, now let’s see the situation of women in Holi. The above photo is one of the memes taken from the Facebook Page NAJ Entertainment (Great Fan of this page). The photo illustrates the Holi festival as “The national thigh and hot pant showing day”. Without any doubt, I completely agree to this meme. On the day of Holi, I have seen many females wearing such dresses. In fact, the one whom I have never seen before in hot pants or mini skirt, they will also be wearing such a dress on the day of Holi. If anyone will raise the question then they and shut their mouth with the quotes of Feminism and equal rights. I am not trying to say wearing such a dress is illegal or wrong. However, such a dress can attract a Hypersexual male who can do anything wrong. When the entire world knows that the threat lies within the dress, women in Nepal do not want to adopt any safety measure.

I am not the one who want to suppress women. And I know there are many victims of sexual harassment whose dresses were not short and were covering all their body parts. I have not any problem with the one who is a real victim of sexual harassment and fighting for their rights or justice. I have a problem with them who invite the problem themselves and raise the concern of false feminism. For e.g., many people including males and females drink alcoholic products and do drugs. Being intoxicated they do not know what’s going on and involve in sexual activities. When they get fresh then the false feminism starts taking effect. The male will be proven guilty for the incident although both of them were high in drugs.

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