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LGBT rights in Nepal

LGBT rights in Nepal – Are they really safe in our nation?

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There are not effective LGBT rights in Nepal which have been proven by recent Nikish’s story. Almost all of us have seen Nikesh Shrestha who was viral in Tik-Tok, Facebook, and other Nepali Social Media. He was viral because he dressed up as a female and created several Tik-Tok videos. Several media (mostly YouTube media) were interested in him and took several interviews. In several interviews, he said that he also has a boyfriend. But recently, Ramailo Chha (a YouTube channel) has uploaded a video.

In the video, we can see that Nikesh Shrestha has been dressed up as a male. In the video, his sister and mother look so happy because he was dressed up and he was acting like a male gender. But in the entire video, he looks very sad and depressed. The video is in trending no 2 in Nepal. The video has got almost 770K views, 20K likes, 1.3K dislikes, and 3.5K comments. I have chosen some of the comments from the comment section.

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LGBT rights in Nepal
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LGBT rights in Nepal
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Both of these comments show arguments against Nepalese society. Why Nepalese people cannot accept someone who is Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender? In the video, the mother of Nikesh Shrestha is scolding Media and blaming Media to make Nikesh like that. But is it true?

Can we say Nikesh is happy?

I don’t know whether Nikesh’s mother is right or not. According to her, the only intention of Nikesh is to be viral among the public. So, he had dressed up as a female. In the video, it has been disclosed that Nikesh was not forced to cut his hair. This may or may not be correct. The only thing I want to highlight is that, “why Nikesh doesn’t seem to be happy in the video?”

Is something really going against him? Is he under some kind of family pressure to act like a male though he has an interest in doing something else? If he will be happy wearing a female dress, dancing like a female, and making a boyfriend then he should be allowed to do so.

What are governmental provisions on LGBT rights in Nepal

The Nepalese government has legalized homosexuality. The Nepalese government has also created several laws that protect the rights of Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals (LGBT rights in Nepal). In the constitution, approved by the Constituent Assembly on 16 September 2015, there are several provisions for LGBT rights in Nepal. Article 12 of the constitution has provided the rights to people to have their citizenship ID as per their preferred gender.

Besides this, Article 18 has mentioned the rights to equality to every Nepalese citizen and they will not be discriminated against as per their gender, origin, religion, language, caste, race, tribe, and any other factors. Moreover, LGBT people are listed among disadvantaged groups of Nepal as per Article 18 of the constitution. Therefore, LGBT rights in Nepal should be respected.

The new constitution has replaced some discriminatory worlds such as male, female, son, daughter, and so on. People under “gender and sexual minorities” have the rights to partake in state mechanisms as well as public service on the basis of the “principle of inclusion”. However, the Nepalese constitution is not successful to legalize same-sex marriage.

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