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Brahmin meme

Top 10 Brahmin memes – Meme Review

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Brahmin memes which are generally the memes related to Brahmin class. Brahmins are those people who are priests (generally known as pandit, pujari, or purohit), teachers (generally known as acharya) of the Hindu community. Brahmins are also regarded as the protectors of sacred learning of Hinduism. Generally, Brahmins have the highest rank among other classes in the Hindu community. However, let’s jump into the topic now. This article is purely based on the memes which are connected with Brahmins or Hinduism.

I have collected all these brahmin memes from a Facebook group called Brahmin Meme Bhog. This is one of the Indian groups. In this group, almost all of the members are Brahmin and they post memes related to Brahmin and Hinduism. Most of the memes are related to the life story of different Hindu god and goddesses and sacred books of Hindu people such as The Bhagwat Gita, The Ramayana, and so on. If you are not from the Brahmin community then also don’t worry. I will try to explain every meme as per my knowledge of my own religion.

Brahmin memes

Brahmin memes
Meme 1

This is the first brahmin meme that I have selected. I loved this meme because this is funny as well as informative. Shivaji who is one of the gods of Hindu is addicted to every type of substance such as Datura (devil’s trumpets), Marijuana, and so on. Once he even consumed poison but nothing happened to him. However, the colour of Shivaji is blue and it is believed that his color is due to the poison. Okay, let’s jump into the meme. Here, parents are asking their son why he smokes weed and consumes Bhang (mild preparation of marijuana which is drunk with milk). The son claims that Bhang and weed are religious offering (prasad) of lord Shiva. Then in the picture, it is shown that lord Shivaji is scolding the son as the son is putting the blame of his wrong activity on lord Shivaji. So, Guys let’s not do this. Say No to Drug.

Brahmin memes
Meme 2

This brahmin meme is simple and is related to the sacred story of the Mahabharat. Pandavs are five brothers in the story. They take Draupadi to their home. Kunti is the mother of five brothers Pandavs. When they take Draupadi to their home, they shout to their mother and say that they have brought something. However, the mother Kunti without looking at the thing that they have brought, says them to share the thing with each other. But Draupadi was not any material of sharing, she was a girl. But Pandavs could not go against their mother’s speech. So, Draupadi got married to all five brothers. The picture of Tom in the meme is crazy which is indicated as Draupadi. Must be she is saying “What the heck is this bro????”

Brahmin memes
Meme 3

The interpretation of the third brahmin meme is as same as the first one. The picture of Tom is shown as lord Shivaji. He looks slightly angry. This is because a marijuana-addicted person justifies smoking weed to be the religious offering of lord Shivaji. Hey guys, I want to repeat the awareness theme “Say no to drugs”.

Brahmin memes
Meme 4

The fourth brahmin meme is funny. Actually, very funny. Hindu people worship lord Ganesh in any occasion. The action of worshipping lord Ganesh takes place in the first stage of any new thing either it is a marriage ceremony, engagement ceremony, building a house, or any occasion. In the picture, the lord Shiva seems to be crying. In the upper text, it is written: “when you are the lord of all lords and you have to worship your own son during your marriage.” This is somehow irony because if Shivaji wants to get married again then as per Hindu religion he should worship his own son Lord Ganesh in the beginning. However, we are not lucky enough to see this moment or hear this.

Brahmin memes
Meme 5

This meme is related to the popular Hindu sacred story, the Ramayana. In this story, Ravan (a demon) kidnaps the wife of Lord Ram whose name is Sita. However, in the story, Ravan Kidnaps Sita when her husband and her brother in law were not at home. The caption of the meme reads “When Ravan kidnaps Sita”. Then the reply from lord ram is taken from the popular film of Salman Khan “Dabband 3”. The reply reads “I am angry because you entered into my house when I was not at home”

Brahmin memes
Meme 6

The sixth brahmin meme is also somehow related to the first meme. Mahashivaratri is one of the festivals of Hindu people when Hindus worship Lord Shiva. People take different drugs such as weed and Bhang (Marijuana). In the picture, there is tom who seems to be unconscious. The caption reads: “10 years old me after drinking flavored milk on Maha Shivaratri.” Here, the flavored milk means the milk mixed with mildly prepared marijuana. So, the 10 years old kid which is Tom is unconscious and the other two people need to carry him.

Brahmin memes
Meme 7

This brahmin meme is not funny but this shows respect towards Lord Hanuman. This meme template is from Sacred Games Season II. Lord Hanuman is also known as “Sankat Mochan” which means he takes away all the difficulties of people. So, the picture indicates Lord Hanuman calling and saying “Give me all your problems”. Jay Hanuman.

Brahmin memes
Meme 8

This brahmin meme is funnier and I loved this meme a lot. This meme indicates the story of Lord Ganesh. Ganesh loves food a lot and especially laddu (which is a ball of sweet). Besides this, the picture of the laughing person is lord Kuber who is the god of wealth in Hinduism. As per Hinduism Kuber is wealthy among all gods and goddesses. However, once Kuber was arrogant of his wealth. He invited all gods and goddesses for the meal. Ganesh was there to break the arrogancy of Kuber. So, he started eating everything. Lord Kuber couldn’t feed Ganesh anymore because all edible things were eaten by Lord Ganesh.

But Ganesh started eating utensils, furniture, and everything that he found in his way. Finally, Lord Kuber understood that Ganesh was there to teach him about his arrogancy of being wealthy. Finally, Lord Shiva came there and stopped lord Ganesh from eating. The next thing in this meme is the person which is shown behind lord Ganesh. He is Anup Soni from Crime Patrol. In the meme, the first line shows how Kuber is showing his arrogancy and saying that he will feed lord Ganesh until his hunger dies. Then in the next picture, Anup Soni is giving a warning to Kuber about the future, the same story I have delivered above. The line is written in the same way how Anup Soni delivers in Crime Patrol. This part is so funny.

Brahmin memes
Brahmin Meme 9

In this brahmin meme, the two cats shown are brothers. In the first part, they are fighting and the caption reads; “Brothers, when they are at home.” In the next art, they are sitting quietly without fighting and the caption reads “Brother when they visit to go to eat in Shradda.” Here eating is not so important. Here, the word “Shradda” means the occasion when Hindu people worship their dead ones. They worship first, feed the dead one in their own religious way, and then feed others.

Brahmin memes
Brahmin Meme 10

The last brahmin meme is also related to the Ramayana. There are two characters in this meme. The first one is Ravan who kidnaps the wife of Lord Ram. The next is Vibishan who is the brother of Ravan. Vibishan is a member of a demon family. However, he was not a demon and his behaviors were not like a demon. He used to worship Lord Vishnu and follow all the ethics. In the meme, Vibishan is saying that he is not angry because Ravan Kidnapped someone. This is because he knew Ravan is a demon and this type of unethical behavior is his passion. But he claims that he is angry because Ravan kidnapped Sita who is the wife of Lord Ram.

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