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Dibesh Pokharel memes

Top 10 Dibesh Pokharel memes – Meme Review

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I think you already know who is Dibesh Pokharel and this blog collects some Dibesh Pokharel memes. If you want to know more then follow this link. He was viral because of his positive work. However, you know about Nepalese society. They always make fun of successful people. so, today I have collected some memes that are made by relating Dibesh Pokharel.

Dibesh Pokharel Memes

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 1

This meme is very simple to understand. If you have watched the video of Dibesh Pokharel then I must say you have understood this meme. This meme is just related to his pronunciation. In the video, he said that he is from “cat-mandu” instead of normal “Kathmandu”.

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 2

I laughed so much looking at this meme. This is so true. We Nepalese are always excited about this type of situation. I have to accept that this moment is one of the proud moments for Nepal and Nepalese people but we Nepalese people are overexcited regarding this matter. Not only this matter but every time we will show our overexcited behaviors when this type of situation occurs.

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 3

I always love the meme made up of a template from Hera Pheri. I love the skills of memesters who use the same template of Hera Pheri and make different memes. So, this meme is also related to the first meme which shows the issue of Dibesh’s pronunciation of the work “Kathmandu”.

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 4

This is the latest meme template. I have loved every meme which is made on this template. Dibesh Pokharel has given himself a stage name “Arthur Gunn”. This meme talks about the same thing about his stage name. I found this meme to be funny. I hope you are also enjoying it.

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 5

Yes, we are brave Gorkhalis. Other contestants must fear of Dibesh. However, this is not any kind of fighting battle. I have already told that I love every meme using the Hera Pheri template. This meme also made me laugh as well as proud of being Bir Gorkhali. Thank you Mr. Nabin Lohani for this meme.

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 6

This meme indicates that many Nepalese people do not understand English. Obviously, in American Idol people will sing English songs. But also, this meme made me laugh because I did not understand this singing too. (jokes apart)

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 7

This is not a meme made by a memester. This is just a piece of a screenshot from YouTube video. However, the comment made me laugh a lot. This is an example of unemployment in Nepal. People don’t find any productive work and start posting nonsense comments on YouTube videos. However, this is funny. Thanks to him/her who took this screenshot.

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 8

This meme is so simple. Dibesh Pokharel is his real name and Arthur Gunn is his stage name. however, we will always recognize him as Dibesh Pokharel because we are Nepalese. You can take me as an example. I have mostly used Dibesh Pokharel in this blog too.

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 9

This meme does not hit Dibesh Pokharel but is funnier than others. This meme has indicated the behavior of YouTubers of Nepal. They tend to be everywhere where there is a new incident. However, Dibesh is in America and Nepali YouTubers cannot go there so they should wait for him in the airport as the meme indicates.

Dibesh Pokharel Memes
Meme 10

This is the last meme that I have found. Once our PM KP Oli said that he also used to swim and he is a swimmer to Gaurika Singh when she achieved medal for Nepal in Olympic Games. So, this meme is related to the same situation.

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