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5 Nepali Blogs with awesome Nepali Language’s contents

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Nepali Blogs are mostly underrated. Many people even don’t know that the Nepali Blog exists on the Internet. I have found 5 Nepali blogs that have very awesome contents and all the blogs are published in the Nepali language. The 5 blogs which I have selected contain Nepali literature. Some of them have poems, stories, personal experiences, and so on. After reading the contents published on those blogs, I was surprised and I can estimate how hardworking are the creators. I respect those bloggers who are preserving Nepali language and Nepali literature.

1. Tales of Sun and Rain (Ghampani ka Kahani)

The Tales of Sun and Rain is a Nepali Blog started by Mr. Chaitanya who is from Pokhara, Gandaki, Nepal. The author is in Blogger since July 2009, which means he has created this blog in 2009. This blog contains Nepali poems. Recently, Chaitanya has uploaded two Nepali poems in his blog and I have read both of the poems. Chaitanya includes sarcasm in his poems. One of the poems entitled “Feri pani Maharaj Juddha Samsher kai Name ma” is written very beautifully. This poem includes the issue of air pollution in Kathmandu and the corrupt political system of Nepal. The next poem entitled “Suggestion for Teacher/ Mastersaab lai Sujhab” also talks about the education system in Nepal.

2. Mero Khosra – Whatever I Feel

Mero Khosra – Whatever I feel is a Nepali Blog owned and run by Brazesh Khanal who is am actor, screenwriter, and author. This blog has very nice traffic. The owner also has his own site called Brazesh – World of my words Mero Khosra is a container of Nepali literature. There are lots of stories, songs, and poems in the Nepali language. You must visit this blog once and after that, you will visit on your own.

3. Own Things (Aafnai Kura)

Own Things is a Nepali Blog run by Yumesh Pulami from Damak Jhapa. He is in blogger since 2008. I don’t know why his blog is named as There might be some reasons. However, this blog includes Nepali poems and the recent poem is entitled “Sarkar! Ma Birodhi hoina! Aam Nagarik hu!”. This poem is awesome and every Nepali should read this because it talks about the hollow political system and corrupt political leaders of Nepal. This blog also includes some other informative posts. You can visit the blog.

4. Eekadesh ka Phul haru – Pariwartan ka Lagi

Eekadesh ka Phul haru – Pariwartan ka Lagi is one of the Nepali Blogs created by Bishnu Kumar Bishwokarma. This blog mainly contains the Nepali Poems as well as other Nepali Literature. The owner of this blog is in Blogger since 2011 and till now this blog has achieved more than 9 thousand views. One of the recent poems in this blog entitled “Chhopi kaha Chhopinchha ra lali jobana” is one of the awesome poems I have ever read. This poem is somewhat romantic and talks about love and attraction. You will not regret visiting this blog.

 5. NB Safal

NB Safal is a Nepali Blog started by Niraj Babu Bhatta who is from Baguwa VDC-9, Gorkha, Nepal and currently residing in Kathmandu Nepal. This blog might have been started in 2012 because I have found the post from 2012. Niraj Babu Bhatta is a forester, RJ, MC, Writer, and travel addict person. You can find different kinds of Nepali literature here. His blog contains lots of Nepali Poems especially Ghazal and Muktat. Besides this, he has included radio program category in his blog but there is only one program. I hope he will upload some more radio programs in the near future. However, his literature are awesome and it is worth checking his blog.

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