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Australia Kanda – Truth behind the scandal disclosed

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What is Australia Kanda?

I will not believe if you say that you don’t know anything regarding Australia Kanda. However, if you don’t know then you might have less connection with social media. Actually, Australia Kanda is a self-recorded video where a couple is having sex which gone viral over Nepali Social Media. Nepalese social media users made it viral saying that the lady in the video is a Nepali. Most of the Nepalese have already watched the video. Although the facial structure of that lady looks like she is from an Asian background, she is not a Nepali girl. The truth behind the scandal is out now.

australia kanda
A screenshot from the video

The truth behind the video

I read a post from Official NAJ Nepal. As per that post, the male in the video is Luis Bazalar who is living in Trenton, New Jersey, US. Yes, he made that video and transferred it into a mainstream grown-up site. The lady who is in that video is from west India. The owner claims that the video is even longer. Only a small part of the video has gone viral over the Nepali social media with a title of Australia Kanda.

Viral Nepali Kanda 1
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Key Message

Nepalese are fast forward to transfer anything in social media. Our meme pages are active in such a thing. We have even a culture of asking and sharing links to such things. So, I think we should stop showing such behavior in social media. We might use Social Media for a better purpose than this. Just think, If the lady in the video was really from Nepal then what would her family members think? Or, how would they feel after seeing pictures of her daughter/ sister on social media? It could have damaged the lives and dreams of many people.

Lastly, I want to say that if you like to watch adult contents then just use VPN and surf the adult sites. Just don’t use social media as a platform to share such things.

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