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coronavirus in Nepal

Black Marketing will rise due to Coronavirus in Nepal (COVID – 19)

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Black marketing is tended to increase in Nepal. Coronavirus is a global threat and I have seen top-level awareness programs globally regarding the coronavirus outbreak and its prevention. Coronavirus in Nepal is one of the hot topics for Nepalese people. Several news is being published and different national, as well as local organizations, are working together to raise awareness regarding coronavirus in Nepal. Beyond all these preventive approaches, black marketing is tended to increase in Nepal. Many people have started buying commodities such as salt, cooking oil, rice, gas cylinders, water jar, dry cereals, and so on. However, the Nepalese sellers are also found to be hiding such commodities to sell them at a higher price later on.

Coronavirus in Nepal

Nepal has confirmed only one case of coronavirus till now. You can read the full information here. However, the government and Nepalese citizens are in huge fear. On March 14, 2020 (Saturday), blood samples of 9 people who are suspected to have coronavirus have been brought in Kathmandu for the test. If a single suspect is tested positive then the level of fear will rise amongst Nepalese people. The Nepal government has already suggested the schools, and colleges to close down. Besides this, the government has already imposed travel restrictions on Nepal. Although these steps should have been taken earlier, these are very good initiatives of the government to prevent coronavirus in Nepal.

Recent News on Black Marketing

Recently, Nepal police have arrested 8 people from Dallu who kept more than 75,000 surgical masks in order to sell them later on higher prices. We have seen the crisis of several commodities such as gas cylinder, salt, cooking oil, gasoline, and so on in the past. As the cases of coronavirus are also increasing in India and the land port is closed, there is a huge chance of scarcity of commodities in Nepal. There is no official news however, I can estimate that many shopkeepers and dealers have already hidden some commodities to sell in the black market in the future.

What should be done?

Every Nepalese should be aware of the fact that this is a global issue. In this difficult situation, no one should be involved in such activities which creates a scarcity of daily commodities. No one should perform inhumane behavior in this type of crisis situation. There is a police department that can sort this issue out. So, if you have encountered any situation you should call the police.

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