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King in Nepal

Returning Monarchy in Nepal? Good or Bad? Be aware

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Monarchy in Nepal was officially abolished on 28th May 2008 (15th Jestha 2065) when Constituent Assembly I declared Nepal republic state. After that several political changes and events took place in Nepal. Nepal has recently adopted the federal system. The constitution of Nepal 2015 replaced the Interim constitution and defines Nepal as a federal democratic republic. Nepal has now 7 provinces with three levels of government which are local, provincial and federal/central. So, in recent days, many Nepalese are in the support of monarchy because they are not satisfied with the work of political leaders. So, today we will be discussing some good things and bad things if we bring the monarchy system back in Nepal.

Monarchy in Nepal
Monarchy in Nepal

Good aspects of Monarchy in Nepal

Key points
Though Nepal is a democratic nation, people are facing issue no less than absolute monarchies such as less right to freedom of speech, no creative work by Nepalese leaders, keeping citizen in delusion with false political speech, high rate of corruption, partnership with the foreign nation which disbenefit nation and citizens. A king will never tolerate these behaviors of political leaders.

In my view, Nepalese leaders are not in favor of nation and citizen. Nepalese leaders have forgotten their responsibility towards the nation and Nepalese citizens. In this political system, Political leaders are behaving as Kings themselves. Yes, the current situation of Nepal is no less than the autocratic monarch system. Recently, the Nepalese government started imposing a 10% tax on books. We Nepalese are obliged to pay the tax. Some Nepalese protesting peacefully by reading books at Maitighar were arrested by Police and they were beaten. There is no even a single Nepali who is in favor of this tax policy. However, this is the decision of government. If the decision is made by the government without listening to the citizens then this will not be democratic. Autocratic monarch is better than political leaders ruling in an autocratic way.

The corruption is increasing day by day. Recently we have heard the news of Gokul Baskota who demanded 700 million Nepalese currency bribes for the contract of security press to print e-passport in Nepal. Well, the clear audio was of Gokul Baskota was out and this was supposed to be evidence that he is a corrupt person. However, our respected prime minister said that there should be evidence to prove that the evidence (audio) can act as evidence. To prove someone guilty there is a need for evidence and evidence should also be supported by the next evidence. In a simple language, political power and higher political leaders are saving the corrupt people in Nepal.

We have lost our land (Lipulekh and Kalapani) recently as India declared the places as a part of India. Many Nepalese believe that some political leaders have already taken some amount from India for that land. The case is now cool and no decision has been made regarding that land. The entire political system of Nepal is corrupted. The monarch system ruled by a king never saves a guilty and corrupt person. Besides this, the King will never sell his own country to become rich. Yeah, there is no doubt, “A bad political leader can be corrupt and can take bribe from foreign nation to make any change which can disbenefit the nation and citizen but A king will never do that.”

Nepalese leaders have played a great role to end monarchy in Nepal. However, now I think they have done that to make themselves rich. We can see the example of Nepotism in the Nepalese political system. Let’s take an example of Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party and twice Prime Minister of Nepal. Most of his family members and relatives have a governmental job. This might be my misunderstanding though. But I can say that many leaders are here for earning some money when they are in power. I think the motive of most of the leaders is the same. The motive cannot be fulfilled if there will be a king.

I think the right to freedom of speech is suppressed by political power in Nepal. People protesting in a peaceful way are being arrested by police as per the order of higher political leaders. Nepalese people are not enjoying their rights properly. “Democracy is considered to be the rule of people by the people and for the people.” However, it is not seen in Nepal. The political leader who was defeated in the election and not chosen by the citizen is also in a higher position. This is all due to their political power and their political leaders in the higher positions. However, this won’t have happened if there is a king in the country.

Bad aspects of Monarchy in Nepal

I don’t want to say that Monarchy is good for Nepal and Nepalese people. If Monarchy is implemented then the country will be governed by a king who is not selected by the citizen. So, obviously the power will not lie within citizens. We cannot predict the nature and behavior of the human. So, in the future, the king may rule the country in an autocratic way and Nepalese may work as slaves of the Royal family. Nepalese people may not enjoy their rights and freedom in the future. However, this will happen in the absolute monarchy.

Which Monarchy in Nepal is good?

Constitutional Monarchy is very good. I wonder why people eliminated the monarchy when they could restore the constitutional monarchy through the People’s Movement II. In a constitutional monarchy, the head of the state will be King or the queen and there will be a parliament as the legislative organ. The United Kingdom has the constitutional Monarchy and this can be seen as the example of how monarchy can make the country better. Nepalese leaders are not faithful enough to develop our nation so the constitutional monarchy might work better in our country.

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