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Common flu and Panic of Coronavirus in Nepal (COVID 19)

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I have already said that the coronavirus in Nepal is a hot topic and literally every Nepali is in fear of coronavirus. In Nepal, the season is changing from winter to spring and it is common to have symptoms such as flu, runny nose, or fever. Many Nepalese are in the panic of coronavirus when they are having these symptoms. I must say there is somehow a little bit fault of for our government. Rather than providing actual education and awareness on coronavirus, the government is spreading fear among the people. When the coronavirus outbreak happened, the first strategy of the government must have been educating people about the virus.

People should have been made aware of what condition they needed to be panic. In Nepal, there was a single case of coronavirus which has been resolved. The sample of 8 people in Sarlahi was tested for coronavirus and the test showed negative results. There are more tests ongoing and the completed tests are showing negative results. This might show that there are not people with coronavirus in Nepal. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adopt precaution methods. This only means that you shouldn’t be unnecessarily panic.

The Nepal government create an awareness campaign in such a way that Nepalese people are aware that this virus transfer by shaking hands and from direct contact. This awareness campaign somehow shows that the disease has already entered Nepal and there are many people with this virus. This might be possible though. Hence, now Nepalese are fear of the person wearing a mask. People with common flu and fever doesn’t mean that he/she has coronavirus infection.

What should we know? When to get panic?

The government is only trying to aware us to protect ourselves from the virus. So, there is no need of being unnecessarily panic. But there is always a need for safety precautions. Coronavirus affects those persons whose immunity power is low. So, you should eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. However, if you have symptoms of flu, fever, and diarrhea and you’ve recently met a person who came from the foreign nation (especially the nations with coronavirus outbreak), then you should take necessary steps such as isolation. However, if you are having these symptoms then it will be beneficial to visit hospice center and perform recommended tests.

Is the development of coronavirus in Nepal is possible?

The origin of the virus is still unknown and many specialists think that the coronavirus might have come from the snakes or bats which are consumed by the Chinese people. Nepalese usually do not consume such creatures so there is a very low chance of developing the virus on our own. So, if you have not left home for several days and you have not met any person who just visited a foreign nation then you might have very little chance of getting infected with the coronavirus. In this situation also you might visit the doctor. In this situation of crisis, the doctor may be panic and can recommend you to test for coronavirus and stay under isolation. You can take these steps without any fear.

You might get serious psychological disorders if you get panic in this situation. The person confirmed to have coronavirus infection in India undergone depression. However, his symptoms are already managed and his psychological health is also enhancing. Unnecessary panic can negatively impact your emotional wellbeing. It is obviously difficult to cope with the feeling of death. However, psychologically strong people can cope with the deadliest disease and can improve their health and wellbeing. Last but not least, Please don’t be panic and always adopt preventive measures.

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