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SEE Exam postponed until next decision due to coronavirus in Nepal

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SEE Examination postponed due to the fear of coronavirus. Recently the meeting directed by Deputy Prime Minister Ishwar Pokharel has decided that the SEE exam will not be held on the scheduled date. On 15th March the health Minister of Nepal Bhanubhakta dhakal said that the decision to postpone SEE examination will be taken after observing the situation for 2 to 3 days.

However, I have also seen a post from Routine of Nepal Banda (most trusted social media source of Nepal) yesterday (17th March 2020) and it was implicated that the SEE exam won’t be postponed and all the exam centers will be facilitated with health care desk facility.


The SEE examination was scheduled to be held from 19th March, Thursday. The Deputy Prime minister of Nepal Mr. Pokharel has told to BBC that the SEE examination will not be held from 19th March. Mr. Pokharel also said that the meeting will be held soon and the information regarding the next examination date will be public.  This year there were almost 1,05,005 candidates who were going to participate in the SEE examination. As per the information, the exam department was about to provide healthcare desk facility with healthcare professionals to all the exam centers.

However, it is not time to take the risk and the novel coronavirus is not a subject of taking the risk. We already know Nepal is one of the poorest countries and lacks appropriate resources for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management of the deadliest disease like coronavirus infection. The government has suggested all the schools and colleges to remain close until the last of the Chaitra Month (12th April 2012). The schools of Nepal are almost closed but the colleges (+2) level are still not closed (as seen inside the Kathmandu Valley).

The government of Nepal has also decided to close down all the public places such as cultural center, cinema hall, gym, health club, dance bar, swimming pool, stadium, and sports centers till April first. The government will be monitoring these public places to make them closed. Recently, the government of Nepal has implemented the rule that there should not be more than 25 people in a group. However, I think 25 individuals in a group will not help to prevent the virus. So, the number of individuals should be reduced.

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