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Employee stress during work from home

Can private businesses manage employee stress during work from home campaign?

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Employee stress during work from home campaign is the most common problem faced by the employees and especially the employees of private businesses. The coronavirus fear has brought out the concept of doing work from home. This is one of the most effective preventives measures to prevent the coronavirus outbreak. Recently this concept has been implemented in India and Nepal as well. However, the question always lies if the managers of private businesses can understand and manage the stress faced by the employees while working from home. The employee can face more stress when working from home and the managers have a crucial role in stress management.

It is obvious that managers always evaluate the employees in terms of loyalty. How loyal is an employee towards his/her work? The answer to this question can be identified from various perspectives. The working-hour and the quality of work are evaluated by a manager to identify the answer to this question. However, a manager can evaluate these aspects in any way they choose. This might also rely on the relationship between a leader and the employee. While working from home, an employee has to face several issues that should be considered by a manager. If the manager fails to address those issues and continue to keep work pressure on the employee then it will lead to employee dissatisfaction as well as psychological stress.

Employee stress during work from home

Let’s elaborate on some of the common problems faced by employees while working from home. The common issue is lack of resource and I think most of the business leaders are aware of it and they have provided the required resource to the employees. The next thing is the difference between home-based work environment and the office-based work environment. A home is a place where one should prioritize responsibility as a family member. This issue can limit the ability of the employee to meet the responsibility of their work. The employee should give time to their family member as well and it is totally impracticable to remain isolated in own home and do the official job. This doesn’t mean that employees are not responsible to meet their work expectations. However, imposing time limit by the businesses are not ethical.

Leaders should understand that imposing a time limit can develop stress on the employees because they cannot handle the household responsibility and official responsibility simultaneously. Leaders should understand that the environment at home will not be the same as the environment in the office like getting tea and food at the work desk. The employees at home might cook food for themselves, might prepare tea and coffee for themselves and might get food ingredients from the market by themselves. Therefore, it is not easier to impose a time limit for the employees working from home.

However, managers can impose a work limit if it is possible and is effective for the employees. The manager should remove the thinking that working from home makes the employees lazy. I have seen many managers putting work pressure upon the employees because the managers think that employees are not working properly from home. This is one of the greatest mistakes of a leader. A leader should be able to analyze the problems of the members and should take appropriate steps. Managers putting extreme work pressure on the employees cannot develop and strengthen the relationship with the employees.

Besides this, employees feel a lack of support which is a key reason for employee stress during work from home campaigns. The managers should know that the face-to-face conversation between managers and employees is not as same as having a conversation in the digital platforms. In the digital platform, it is quite obvious to have difficulties in effective communication with managers so the employees cannot deliberate their issues and problems properly. The managers should try to abstract such information effectively to reduce employee stress.

Concept of Private Businesses

Private businesses are always profit-oriented. However, in this crisis situation the business leaders must be ethical and should pose ethical responsibility towards the employees by addressing employees’ problems and issues. The employees should be provided with the right to choose their working hours and working limits on their own. This doesn’t mean that businesses should pay the employees without doing work. The payment can be done as per the work performance of the employee. This will motivate employees to work and the leaders addressing the employee’s problem reduce the significant amount of employee stress during work from home campaigns.

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