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Lesson from Coronavirus

5 Lesson from Coronavirus. What should we learn?

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Yes, the world can learn a lesson from coronavirus. You might have thought coronavirus is here destructing mankind and is very harmful to us. Yes, I am sad because many people have lost their lives and many are in quarantine due to its infection. Many people have lost their loved ones which are psychologically and emotionally destructive in nature. I know this is a situation of crisis over the whole world and talking positively about coronavirus is unnecessary on its own. However, leaving behind all these thoughts, if we think deeply and in positive ways, we can get lessons from coronavirus. The entire world should adopt the lesson provided by this virus.

5 Lesson from Coronavirus

1. Save the earth

This is the first lesson from coronavirus outbreak that should be adopted by every human being. The human being is intelligent among all the living creatures in this world so the prime responsibility of saving earth goes on human beings. Other living creatures are already fulfilling their roles in this ecosystem. It is the only human being who is harming the earth. The human being is feeding on each and every animal found on this earth. The coronavirus has been supposed to be coming from snake, bat, or any other animal however the source of this virus is not confirmed yet.

The industrialization and developmental activities carried out by human being is promoting pollution. It has been found that the emission of carbon monoxide has been reduced by almost 50% than the last year. And this is all because of coronavirus as a human being are not using cars. The level of carbon dioxide emissions has also been reduced. Climate change one of the most serious outcomes of pollution and human developmental activities. The reduction of such events due to coronavirus is refreshing the earth.

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2. Humanity

The virus has shown the real meaning of humanity. We have been hearing war, conflicts, and terrorism all around the globe. But in this crisis situation, all the nations are wishing good for each and every country. The international organization is working to aware people of every country. The doctors and other health professionals are working by keeping their lives at risk just to save the next human being. Researchers and scientists are working with the virus to develop antidote or vaccine. Not only at the time of crisis, but human beings should also show humanity every time and everywhere.

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3. Respect Culture

People are from a different religious background and they have different cultural practices. Many people discriminate against other people based on religion, race, culture, and tradition. Recently due to coronavirus people have started doing “Namaste” which is a way of greeting in Hinduism. I have seen people discriminating against each other (Hindu and Muslim) in India. Besides this, Hindu people discriminate against Christianity in Nepal. However, coronavirus taught to adopt Hindu culture. Similarly, all the other religion has positive aspects. So, religious-bias should be stopped and should respect every religion which is an important lesson from Coronavirus.

4. Healthy habit

The healthcare system of every country creates awareness of healthy habits. But we human beings neglect such things. Especially from developed and underdeveloped nations, people completely neglect personal hygiene and other healthy habits. Coronavirus outbreak has made people aware of such healthy habits. People are warned to wash their hands with soap and water as well as the use of hand sanitizer. People are being aware that they should cover their nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing. This is an important lesson from coronavirus.

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5. Avoid unimportant things

Coronavirus has proven that most of the private business’s work relies on email and phones. Jokes apart. But yes, coronavirus has taught us that people are doing lots of unnecessary things. It has been proven that people can also live without unnecessary travelling or unnecessary parties and gatherings which is an important lesson from Coronavirus. However, the human being is a social animal and needs social cooperation and no one can be in quarantine every day. But many people from middle-class family wants to involve in such activities just to show off. We should get this lesson from coronavirus that unimportant things should be avoided in life and one should spend time with family members.

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