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Danger of coronavirus in Nepal: People are migrating to own country

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Nepali and Indian citizens who have been working in one another’s country have started returning to their country so the danger of coronavirus in Nepal has increased. In the past, Nepali citizens had to face some difficulties at the border to return home, but now it has become a bit easier for them to enter into Nepal from the border.

An average of fifteen hundred Nepali and Indian citizens are returning home daily from the Belahiya-Sonauli border. At present, the number of Indian citizens wanting to return Indian is increased than the number of Nepalese who want to return to Nepal from India. The pressure of Nepalese citizens is decreasing.

After India started recruiting its citizens on a daily basis, the pressure has started to increase when Indian workers in Nepal reach the border. However, due to India’s procedural delays in repatriating its citizens, the number of people stranded at the border is also increasing. The number of people stranded at the border is more than a thousand. Locals have been feeding the stranded Indian nationals at the border.

Rupandehi Chief District Officer Mahadev Pantha said that the pressure of Indian nationals has increased after the Indian government allowed the citizens of Uttar Pradesh to enter the country through Belahiya border crossing.

According to him, India is allowing more than a thousand citizens into the country through Belahiya daily. Most of the people going to India through this checkpoint were brick industry workers in Nepal. They were still in the industry till now. The Lumbini Brick Industry Business Association had submitted a list of employees to the Rupendehi administration for the rescue of about 7,500 workers in the industry. However, the general secretary of the association Ajay Kumar Gupta said that the crowd increased when citizens of different states of India from all over the country came to Belahiya Border at the same time.

According to the data obtained, 15,651 Nepalese and Indian nationals have returned home from the Belahiya-Sonauli border crossing in the last one week. Of them, 6,814 are Nepali and 8,837 are Indian nationals. For the last three days, an average of 700 Nepalis have been coming through this checkpoint daily and 1,200 Indians have been going to India.

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