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Coronavirus insurance

Coronavirus insurance for only Rs 600, If found infected Rs 1 Lakh will be given

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Kathmandu metropolitan city has done coronavirus insurance of people’s representatives, employees, and social workers for coronavirus infection. The Kathmandu metropolitan city on Thursday signed an agreement with The Rastriya Beema Company Ltd (RBCL) to register the insurance of 1,982 people. The agreement was signed by Namaraj Dhakal, head of the administration department on behalf of the Kathmandu metropolitan city and Subash Koirala, chief manager on behalf of the company.

Ishwar Man Dangol, spokesperson of The Kathmandu metropolitan city said that the coronavirus insurance was provided to boost the morale of the employees working among the service recipients even during the adverse times of Coronavirus (COVD-19). As per the agreement, the insured person will receive Rs. One lakh on the recommendation of the metropolitan city if the PCR (Polymer Chain Reaction) report is found positive by 22nd Jestha 2078.

It is insured for one year by paying a fee of Rs 600 per person. At present, the Kathmandu metropolitan city has 160 people’s representatives and 30 social workers. Similarly, 1,792 people are working in the permanent, temporary, contract, and communication sectors. The general public will also get this service by paying only Rs. 600.

Source – Janaboli
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