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Decision on SEE

Education Minister announces “Decision on SEE, 11 and 12 Exam within a week”

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Kathmandu, Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel has informed that decisions will be taken within a week on the Secondary Education Examination Class 10 (SEE), Class 11 and 12 examinations.

In a virtual dialogue organized on the Education Journalist Network, he said that three different options are being discussed and investigated for the exams and a conclusion will be reached within the next week.

He informed that the Council of Ministers will decide whether the examination can be conducted now or not if it is not possible to conduct the examination, what legal measures should be taken by the National Examination Board to give recognition and whether the Class 10 examination can be conducted in a new form.

He said that the educational facilitation guideline has been implemented through an alternative system to provide temporary solutions to the educational institution after the closure.

“We are not trying to open the school from next Ashad 1,” he said. “If the situation remains the same even after 45 days, we will move forward with three different plans.”

Explaining the role of the local level in the implementation of the directive, Minister Pokharel said, “Let’s look at the work of the first 15 days. If all the students benefit from it, it can be linked to the academic session and it will get formal recognition.”

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