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Nepalese from abroad

Nepalese from abroad are returning back. Is this a good initiative? 26

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The government has started the process of bringing back the Nepalese from abroad to their own country. The government has started repatriating Nepalese who have to return home due to the uneasy situation caused by the global contagion of COVID-19. Under the same process, 26 Nepalese have arrived in Kathmandu from Myanmar at 11 am.

Similarly, Nepalese are being brought from the United Arab Emirates in the second phase. Almost 168 Nepalese are ready to come back to Nepal from UAE. If the process is completed, there is a program to bring them in the afternoon of 5th June. The affected Nepalese are being brought to Nepal on a priority basis under the coordination of the COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC).

Dev Chandra Lal Karna, director and spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Office at Tribhuvan International Airport, said that 26 Nepalese were brought from Myanmar by the Air Force Fokker-60 flight number MAH-003 today (5th June 2020). While returning, the plane has carried 43 people to Myanmar from Nepal. There are even two Nepalese in it. People returning from Myanmar will be kept at the Yeti Party Palace in Basundhara, Kathmandu.

Nepalese from Abroad

It has been estimated that more than three million Nepalese are in foreign nations (Reference). Nepal has sent more than 10% of its population to the foreign nation as migrant workers. All of them are of productive age between the age of 20 to 40 years.

Governmental Plan

Nepalese from abroad will be kept in nine “holding centers” in the Kathmandu Valley after rescuing them. They will be taken directly to the holding center from the airport. The responsibility of its management has been given to the Nepal Army. Those who have tested negative for COVID-19 abroad have been brought in this way.

The Ministry of Health and Population, with the support of the Nepal Army, will also conduct the necessary health check-ups in Kathmandu. The holding center has been made with a capacity of about three thousand. Rescued Nepalese from abroad will be kept in these holding centers until they are transferred to the quarantine in their respective districts or until they are self-quarantined.

Priority is given to labor contracts as well as to students whose visas have expired, who have lost their jobs, who have been on short-term visits, who have gone to attend training and seminars, whose relatives have died, and who have gone for treatment. Similarly, priority has been given to those who have not been able to come to Nepal after receiving amnesty, those who have been allowed to visit abroad on different visas and unable to return to Nepal, those who are unhealthy due to reasons other than corona, pregnant women, children, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

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