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Lifting lockdown in Pakistan

Lifting lockdown in Pakistan, Good or Bad? Can Nepal do the same? 1 main reason

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Lockdown in Pakistan will be lifted by 8 June 2020, Monday, although the number of Coronavirus infected patients are increasing day by day. The Pakistani news channels have claimed that the Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has said to lift the lockdown nationwide from Monday.

As per Khan, the lockdown is very bad for the nation’s economy so as to save the national economy the lockdown is being lifted by the government. Pakistani Prime minister has also claimed that the lockdown is very harmful to the middle-class families, working-class families as well as harmful for the economy of the nation for several decades.

 Most of the cities as well as the major centers and market shops will be reopened from Monday onward. The Prime minister Khan claimed these on Friday. As per the worldometers information on Sunday afternoon, the total number of coronavirus infected case is 98,943 out of which 2,002 deaths and 33,465 recovery cases have been reported. In Pakistan, the province of Sindh is mostly affected by Coronavirus and the next affected area is Punjab.

Is it good to end lockdown in Pakistan?

As per Wikipedia, I have found that the most populated cities in Pakistan are Karachi which is in Sindh Province, after that Lahore, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi which are in Punjab Province. We have already seen that; Sindh and Punjab are highly affected regions. There are more than 63 thousand active cases of coronavirus in Pakistan. The decision of lifting lockdown in Pakistan to save the national economy is somehow good. But what about the health and wellbeing of people?

Can Nepal do the same?

Yes, but under certain conditions. The first condition is the proper management of Nepalese returning from India. I would have to say India because Nepal has not allowed any infected person to enter Nepal from other countries beyond India. You can read here how Nepal is bringing back its citizen from other countries such as the UAE and Myanmar. Nepal has also reported more than 3400 cases of coronavirus.

Most of the cases have been reported on those people who have arrived in Nepal from India crossing the border. Till now, 13 deaths have been reported and most of them have arrived in Nepal from India. Therefore, if Nepal successfully manages such people returning from India then Nepal will not face huge crises. Also, Nepal can fearlessly lift the lockdown.

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