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India Nepal dispute on dam maintenance

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India has expressed a willingness to work with Nepal. India has revealed that it is coordinating with Nepal to solve the problem of floods and inundation. India, which has always been drowning Nepal unilaterally, is now trying to negotiate with Nepal. But the reason for India’s doing so is even more mysterious. Speaking at a regular press conference organized by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday, spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said a mechanism was in place between the two countries to address the issue of floods and inundation.

Responding to a query from media persons about the inundation in the border states including Bihar due to the floods in Nepal’s rivers, spokesperson Srivastava said that talks were being held with the Nepali side. He said, “India and Nepal have bilateral mechanisms for flood control. Flood control and erosion prevention work have already started on the rivers along the border. He also clarified that coordination is being maintained between the two sides to reduce the damage caused by this year’s monsoon.

Floods and inundation have been a problem in the border areas of Nepal and India every year due to rising river levels. Floods and inundation have caused huge damage to crops and property. In previous years, Nepal had to bear this loss more than India. But this time, the Bihar government of India is in crisis after Nepal stopped India from constructing and maintaining dams in various places.

The embankments built unilaterally by India in more than two dozen places along the border have been inundating Nepali territory. Even though Nepal has been raising this issue at a high political level, Nepali officials have been complaining that India does not care much. Moreover, the Indian side has been accusing Nepal of drowning in Indian territory.

A few days ago, Bihar Water Resources Minister Sanjay Jha had accused Nepal of obstructing the cleaning and maintenance of the Narayani (Gandak) dam. He also said that this has increased the risk of floods and inundation in Bihar. Spokesperson Srivastava’s response came today after the Bihar government complained about this to its External Affairs Ministry.

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