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How to make cartoon photo edit video in Tiktok? 5 steps.

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Nowadays most of the people in Tiktok are involved in making cartoon photo edit videos using a Chinese app. However many Tiktok users don’t How to make such videos. Well, it is not so difficult as you think. You just need an app And I don’t know the name of the app because the name is in the Chinese language.

But I can provide you a link to download the app. In that app, everything is written in the Chinese language but it is very easier to understand and use the app. Please click here to download the app. After downloading the app please install it.

Steps to make Cartoon photo edit video for Tiktok

After installing the app you can see several video effects. Choose one of the video effects. In the bottom right corner, you see an option in red color. Click that button to continue.

Cartoon photo edit
Step 1

After that, you will have to select the photos. After selecting an appropriate number of photos, You will see a red button above your selected photos. Click the red button to continue.

Cartoon photo edit
Step 2

After doing this your video will be ready. Now the thing is that you need to save the video. To save the video you should click the red button in the top right corner of your mobile screen. Now you need to select the quality of your video. You can just slide the bar to select the video quality.

Cartoon photo edit
Step 3

Finally, click the red button which is just below the quality bar. Now the application will save the video to the Gallery. You can access the video in the Gallery. Now you can also upload the video in Tiktok.

edit picture as bride
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Cartoon photo edit
Step 4 and 5

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