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New features in PUBG Mobile Season 14: Waiting ended

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Almost all the players are waiting for the PUBG Mobile Season 14 which is coming with more new features. More than 3.24 million people play this game all around the globe. The end date of the running season which is season 13 is on 12 July so most probably the new update of season 14 will arrive after the end of season 13. The release date has not been fixed yet however it has been believed that the update will arrive on 13 or 14 July.

The trailer of the new season of PUBG has not been released yet. So, it will be difficult to exactly predict what will be added and removed in Season 14. But we will talk on some leaked features of PUBG Mobile Season 14. It has been officially claimed that the update 0.19.0 will arrive on 7th July. So, we may see the Livik map in that update.

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Livik Map – New feature of PUBG Mobile season 14

Let’s talk about some of the features of Livik Map. Livik Map will be the smallest map in the PUBG having an area of 2Km by 2Km. Playing on this map will thus be very difficult. Players might find it difficult to hide in this map. Because the size of the map is small, the number of players will also be small so only about 40 to 50 players will be matching in one game in Livik Map. Besides this, it has been claimed that one match will only last for about 15 minutes in the Livik Map.

PUBG Mobile season 14
PUBG Mobile Season 14’s theme

The above shown image is the new skin for the PUBG Mobile season 14 Royal Pass which has the theme “Spark The Flame”. Seriously, players are not only sparking the flame but they are burning the entire game. Lets see some other leaked cosmetics and skins from the PUBG Mobile Season 14.

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