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Preparation of the government to operate public transport: Good or Bad?

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Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has issued instructions to prepare in order to operate public transport that was closed due to lockdown. According to the information, it has been decided to allow the taxi to run with two passengers. A meeting of the cabinet held on Tuesday (7 July 2020) discussed allowing public transport like taxis to operate.

According to a minister, there has been a positive discussion about allowing taxis to operate in compliance with health safety standards. It has been discussed that taxis can run with two passengers and a driver. The Prime Minister has also given the responsibility of doing homework on public transport operations to the Crisis Management Center (CCMC).

The Ministry of Transport Management will discuss with the stakeholders including transport businessmen and submit the modalities to the CCMC and a further decision will be taken accordingly. In a cabinet meeting held on Tuesday evening, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli expressed concern over the growing coronavirus infection in the Valley. He also said that the risk has increased in the Kathmandu Valley due to non-compliance with health safety standards.

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How the decision to operate public transport in Nepal will work?

I don’t think the decision is healthy for the Nepalese. If the breakdown of Coronavirus occurs then we might not be able to control it. The most developed nations in the world are in a terrible situation due to the virus and in this situation operating public transport might be dangerous. I don’t think Nepalese will follow all the health and safety rules and regulations. So, it is risky to operate public transport in Nepal.

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