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Should Nepal ban Indian products?

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In recent days, there are a lot of tensions between India and Nepal. Due to the political tensions, Nepalese and Indians citizens are spreading hatred against each other. Now Nepalese want the government to ban Indian Products. This is because India has been dominating Nepal for a long period of time. In every sector, India is interfering with Nepal and Nepalese people.

Banning all Indian products is not an easy task. Nepal doesn’t have adequate manufacturing capabilities for all the items. Even though Nepal is an agricultural country, Nepal has been importing food items from India. This is only because Nepalese are not utilizing the available resources.

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Benefits if the government bans Indian products

If all the Indian products get banned in Nepal, Nepal will huge crisis. However, Nepalese will definitely find an alternative to face the crisis. Nepalese will learn to utilize the available resources, knowledge, and skills. Nepalese might have to face this crisis for many years. But when Nepal increases its production capability then there will be no issue. Even Nepal can take part in the international market to sell its products.

Why import from India is high in Nepal?

I want to answer this question using my personal experience. Nepal has got factories to produce Sugar and Tea. But in my own home, we use sugar and tea leaves imported from India. Because we get these items at a cheap price than Nepali products. What this personal experience entails is that people want products at a cheap price so import from India is increasing. However, if the government bans Indian products such as Sugar and Tea leaves then We will be obliged to consume Nepali products.

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Limitations if the government ban Indian Products

Nepal is a landlocked country surrounded by India from three sides. Yes, this criterion brings out the non-negligible limitation for Nepal. To bring raw materials for home production, Nepal needs to use Indian routes such as Indian seaways. If Nepal bans Indian products then obviously India will not allow Nepal to use its route. That means Nepal needs to use the airway for importing raw materials which is going to be very expensive.

Nepal has been importing Diesel, cooking gas (LPG), and other petroleum products from India. Without these products, Nepal can do nothing. It will be difficult for Nepal to import these petroleum products from other nations. Nepalese can’t even use transportation if the import of these petroleum products gets banned.

How is it possible to ban Indian Products in systematic way?

Nepal government should make a plan to ban Indian products. The first plan is to recognize the production ability of our own nation. The government can impose a ban on the import of such items which can be manufactured in Nepal. For e.g. Sugar, Tea leaves, food items, detergent, soaps, and other products that can be locally produced and consumed can be banned at the initial stage. Later on, the government should focus on producing such items that are still being imported from India. In this way, Nepal will be self-sufficient and India cannot have control over us.

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