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Gagan Thapa said “Government should save transport entrepreneurs” (1)

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Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa has stressed on the need for the government to find a solution so that the transport entrepreneurs can survive. He said that the government should discuss with the stakeholders about the operation of public transport.

Mentioning the Prime Minister on Saturday, Gagan Thapa wrote on Twitter, “Instead of announcing the launch of public transport, find a solution by having a group discussion with its operators and workers, health professionals and stakeholders so that business people can live, workers can work, consumers are not harmed and travel risk is minimized.”

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The workers in transportation have warned the government to stop the transport sector until their demands were met. The National Federation of Nepali Transport Entrepreneurs (NFPE) has decided not to operate public transport until its demands are met. Click here to read. The decision was taken after the cabinet meeting held on July 7 decided to allow public transport to operate in the district.

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