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111 people were arrested in Syangja in one day

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District Police Office, Syangja has intensified the search for the escaping criminals. Police arrested 111 escaping criminals on the same day on Wednesday, said Rajendra Prasad Adhikari, spokesperson of the District Police Office and Deputy Superintendent of Police.

He said that the police team deployed from the unit started arresting all those people who were accused of different crimes such as rape, human trafficking, drugs, arms smuggling, vehicle killing, polygamy, check dishonesty, dishonesty, divorce, looting, and so on.

The spokesperson said, “Of those arrested, 97 are men and 14 are women. The fugitive people were arrested and all were presented before the Syangja District Court”. The Police team was keeping eyes on such persons before the Dashain festival. However, the team was waiting for the right time to arrest such accused people. The police team had a long time planning so that the team can achieve the main aim and implement the decision of the court.

Tejlal Dumre, a resident of Syangja Thumpokhara, who has been escaping since 2059 BS, has been living in Nawalparasi Sunwal for a long time, has been arrested by the police department. Besides this, other people were Bal Singh Gurung, who has been escaping for a long time in the rape case, 6 people involved in the rape case, 3 people in the arms smuggling case, 2 people in the drug case, and so on. According to the District Police Office, Syangja, the accused, who have been escaping for a long time in various monstrous cases, have been arrested and presented before the respected Syangja District Court.

Syangja’s DSP Rajendra Prasad Adhikari (Post from RONB)

He is Syangja’s DSP Rajendra Prasad Adhikari who is doing a great job since he was posted there. Recently he & the team caught 111 criminals with different crime records in 1 day (1-day searching operation). 111 Criminals including Murderers, Thieves, Rapists, Drug Suppliers, etc from Syanja district who were hiding at different places were caught in a single day. His team has caught more than 200 such criminals who were on the wanted list for different crimes and were hiding. Huge respect for his honest, fearless, and active work. We need more Police officers like him to maintain law and order.

Syangja’s DSP Rajendra Prasad Adhikari

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