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Marigold flowers

Blooming marigold flowers for the Tihar festival: 100% Business Profit

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The Barahi Nursery at Birauta in Pokhara Metropolitan City-17 is covered with marigold flowers at this time. As the second important festival of Nepal, Tihar is approaching, Marigold flowers have provided happiness to the nursery manager Basanta Bhandari and his wife Sanchita.

This business is not new to them although they have been growing flowers on rented land. The Bhandari couple, who have been in the flower business since 2066 BS, has been continuing it after earning a good income in the past years.

Sanchita said that 1,200 American Marigold flowers’ plants have been planted on about one ropani (508.74 square meters) of land this year and the production has been good. “On an average, they are ready to pick 30 flower petals from one flower plant,” he said, adding, “We are thinking of selling them for Rs 5 per flower petal.” They are aiming to get NRs 1,50,000 by selling all the Marigold flowers.

Stating that he has been selling the plant with flowers for NRs 250. He informed that he has earned good income not only by selling flowers but also by selling plants. Stating that floriculture was done in an area of ​​about five ropanis (1 ropani = 508.74 square meters) last year, Bhandari said that due to the global spread of coronavirus, a small area has been cultivated this year.

Previously, they were planning to grow vegetables. However, they planted 150 Marigold flowers’ plants because there was vacant land. After that, they got good income from the Marigold flowers which motivated them to grow more flowers and adopt that as their profession. He said that it has become their daily routine to use the leisure time to prepare the land, plant seedlings and use medicines as per the need.

He said that in the past, commercial floriculture was openly done both inside and outside the plastic tunnel. The flowers produced in the small land are sold for Rs. 5 per stalk and Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per garland. He said that the cost of production was high due to the high cost of seeds, lack of manpower and lack of technical assistance. According to him, the American marigold is only targeted for the festival as it blooms only once.

According to the Bhandari couple, they have earned more than NRs. 3,50,000 by selling plants of 1,800 Avocados, 3,000 oranges, 1,000 lemons, 500 guava, 400 Marigold, and 100 papaya.

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Marigold Flowers in the whole district

Sitamaya Rana, president of the Florists’ Association of Kaski, said the district was self-sufficient in flowers. Stating that 32 different flower growing nurseries are affiliated to the organization, she expressed confidence that the flowers produced in and around Pokhara would meet the demand of the market. It is estimated that around NRs 70 million will be transacted in Pokhara during the five days of the festival this year.

Stating that the entrepreneurs have not allowed any reduction in flower production due to Corona, Rana said that flowers will not come from other districts and abroad this year as the association has been continuously campaigning to completely displace the flowers coming from outside.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Yes, there are lots of opportunities around you, just the thing is that you need to grab the opportunity and utilize all the resources. The Tihar festival is also celebrated in India as Deepawali. So, we could have produced more flowers and sent them to a different part of the nation as well as outside our country. Still, there are lots of opportunities in the field of agriculture. As Nepal is an agricultural nation, we should seek opportunities in our own land.

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