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China to bring the moon’s rock to Earth: Chang’e-5

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China is set to launch an unmanned Chang’e-5 spacecraft on Tuesday to bring moon’s rock samples from the moon. China has been trying to bring rock samples from the moon for the first time since the 1970s. the spacecraft has been named Chang’e in honour of the ancient Chinese moon goddess. It will be launched from a rocket called Long March 5. The spacecraft will attempt to collect a sample of two kilograms of rock from an unexplored location on the moon called the Ocean of Storms.

moon's rock
Moon’s rock sample

Experts expect the Chang’e-5 to be useful for studying the origin and formation of the rocks and to help them understand how the moon became volcanically active even when the magnetic field needed to protect it from the sun’s radiation was weak. If China’s plan succeeds, China will be the third country after the United States and the then-Soviet Union to bring the moon’s rock to Earth.

Moon’s rock brought to earth

The Luna 24, sent by the Soviet Union in 1976, was the last spacecraft to bring moon’s rock to Earth. In the 1976 expedition, 170 grams of samples were brought in, while the manned Apollo mission brought 382 kilograms of stones and soil. China also plans to collect samples from Mars within a decade. (Source)

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