You are currently viewing PUBG Quiz: Solve it 100% if you are a pro PUBG mobile player

PUBG Quiz: Solve it 100% if you are a pro PUBG mobile player

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MilSally has brought you PUBG Quiz which is entirely based on the game PUBG mobile which has been one of the famous games in this era. The game has more than 50 million daily users. Personally, I also play this game. This game has upsurged the revenue of the developing company. The game is popular due to its unique features such as battleground, high-end graphics, weapons, maps, the concept of communication, skins, and so on. This is a small quiz related to the game.


Created on By Milan

PUBG Quiz: Solve it 100% if you are a PUBG mobile player

MilSally has brought a new PUBG mobile quiz to assess your knowledge related to one of the most favorite games of millions of people around the world which is PUBG Mobile. In this quiz, you can choose one of four options. You will get the result at the end of the survey. Make sure you check all the answers at the end.

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How many maps are there in PUBG mobile classic?

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When was the PUBG mobile version launched?

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From where the phrase “winner winner chicken dinner” came from?

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Which gun is found on the Shanok map only?

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What is the base damage of AWM?

6 / 15

Who is known as the creator of PUBG?

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Which short gun is found in Miramar only?

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Which is the smallest map in PUBG mobile?

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The name “Erangel” is a combination of Eryn and Angel. Who was Eryn?

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What is the full form of KD ratio in PUBG?

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What is the size of the Erangel map?

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Which is the lowest tier in PUBG mobile?

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Which is the highest tier in PUBG mobile?

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Which is the newest map in PUBG mobile?

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How many bullets can an M416 hold after using the attachment extended QuickDraw magazine?

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