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Top 19 memes made on Physics exam paper leak in Nepal

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Physics exam paper leak is one of the most shameless things for the National education system. On 11 November 2020, (8 Mangshir 2077), there was Physic’s exam of grade 12. However, a physics question paper was spread throughout the social media on 10 November. Many students prepared for their exam using the leaked paper and many of them ignored just thinking that the leak is not real.

However, the leak of paper comes to be true. Many students who had prepared using the leaked paper did their exam probably the best whereas those students who didn’t take the paper seriously got boosted. As this incident is public, the National Examinations Board (NEB) will probably take good action to recover its fame and give justice to all Grade 12 students. Let’s jump into some memes created after the paper leak.

Physics paper leak memes

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I obtained all these memes from the profile of Kushal Dehyde. Thank you for this meme gallery. So, let’s look at some other memes created by several memer on Facebook. I have collected all these memes from different Facebook groups and pages so I exactly don’t remember the creator. Let’s see some other memes out there.

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