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What would you choose? Being a slave of a Nepali King or being a slave of other countries? – 1

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Recently I have heard news where I found the desire of some Nepalese people to have the return of the King. Nepal is a democratic country with the prime minister as the head of the nation. However, Nepal has faced a lot of political instabilities in the past decades. In Nepal monarchy was abolished on May 28, 2008, by the first constitutional assembly. Nepalese people had lots of hope of development of the nation after establishing the constitutional assembly.

But in the present days, Nepalese people seem to be losing their hope. In Pokhara, there was a huge rally of bikes and cars with the slogan “Raja aau desh bachau” (Return King, Save the nation). After seeing this, I started feeling bad as my nation was going downward.

I didn’t know, to whom I should talk about this. So, I decided to talk to one of my friends. I called him and asked several questions. We had a lot of discussions and then we concluded certain things. I will try to present all the things in the thematic format so that it will be easier for you guys to understand.

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Is monarchy good?

People might think that it is obviously not good for any country to have a monarchy. This is because the power is shifted from one generation to the next in the same family and the same family will run the country. Illegible monarch ruler can destroy the rights and freedom of citizen which is not good in this era. People can have issues related to several rights especially the right to freedom of speech.

But such people must know that there can be two different types of monarchy which are absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy. In an absolute monarchy, the king or queen holds the absolute power to rule the nation which is similar to that of autocracy. But in the constitutional monarchy, the power in monarch (king) will be limited as per the established legal framework. In a constitutional monarchy, there will be a democracy.

My friend asked me a question. Do you know the United Kingdom is a democratic nation? I said “yes”. He then said the head of the state in the UK is the queen. He then added there is still a monarchy in Australia. He said both of the nations have a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. People in both nations have their freedom and use their every right. There is no problem with monarchy but it should be a constitutional monarchy, not the absolute monarchy.

“People from Nepal really need to know about the terms of constitutional monarchy and absolute monarchy.”

Why do you think Nepalese are so frustrated and some people want the king to come back?

There are several reasons why Nepalese people are frustrated. One of the main reasons is that ministers and other people’s representatives are not doing well. They are just making fake promises. There are lots of fake promises, for instances the prime minister of Nepal KP Oli told that he will bring ships in Nepal which is quite funny. The Melamchi project (the project to bring water from Melamchi river in Kathmandu) has still not completed. Besides this, the fake promise of joining gas pipes in every house. All these fake promises of ministers are considered to keep Nepalese people in the black shadow.

The next reason is the increase in corruption and crime rates. A recently published report by Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) – Asia has shown that Nepal is in the top rank for corruption among all the nations in Asia continent. Besides this, the rape rate is also increased in the country. The most frustrating thing is that people in power are saving those culprits. Nepalese people think that most of the political leaders interfere with the police processes as well as judicial processes.

Corruption in nepal
Corruption in Nepal

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Before continuing answer these questions to self

Will the king sell Nepalese land such as Lipulekh, Kalapani to India to earn some penny?

Can a political leader deal with India secretly regarding Lipulekh, Kalapani to earn some money?

Will the king want a corrupted person in his system?

Can a political leader save someone from his own party if he found to be involved in criminal activity?

What might be the difference in actions of police on different criminal investigation process after getting an order from a king or after getting the order from some political leaders?

Why monarchy was ended in Nepal?

When I asked this question to my friend, he said that it is a long chain and a huge trap. All Nepalese who ended monarchy were fooled by some dirty politicians. In general, people think that King Birendra was killed by his own family members to get the throne. This has not been proved still. But let’s break the chain from a different perspective. Let’s take an example of a dirty politician who wanted to be rich through corruption or who wanted to come to the power to get the financial advantage. At that time, the king would never allow politicians to take the bribe. The main barrier was the king so long planning was done to remove that obstacle.

There can be the hand of anyone in the brutal murder of King’s family. Some people say that there was India behind the incident and some people even think that there is the hand of some other country as well as Nepalese politician leaders. But what messages were sent to the illiterate Nepalese people? The family members of the King Birendra who are still alive killed the King and rest of the family members. This message was sent to Nepalese people which made them aggressive and the monarchy was ended. This message could have been transferred intentionally by those who are the real murderer of the King and his family.

People protest in Pokhara for King
People protest in Pokhara for King

Slave of the king or Slave of other countries

I asked my friend regarding the freedom after returning of the monarchy. My friend directly hit me with a question “Do you like to be a slave of your own king or the slave of India or China”. This really hit me hard. He told me that, now we are the slave of many politicians. We are earning and paying tax. But the tax is invested less for the development and many politicians are living a high quality life with that money.

Literally, directly or indirectly we are the slave of all the politicians. They are living luxuries life and from where all the money is coming from? Some people even think that some politicians work for the Indian government. Nepal is also getting a loan from other countries. What will happen if we cannot pay the loan. Obviously, we will be the slave of some other countries.

Politicians in Nepal are not concerned regarding the development of Nepal. There were many factories in the past when there was a rule of the monarch in Nepal. Some factories such as Gorakhali Tyres and Bhrikuti Paper Factory are closed after the end of the monarchy. Now we are using Indian tyres as well as Indian copies. Why Nepalese politicians didn’t put effort to reestablish such old factories? Might they have got bribe for this too?

“If there is a king, we will be the slave. This is not real. In the UK and Australia, there is constitutional monarchy still people are not slaves there. They are enjoying rights and freedom.”


In overall, I think that if there is a constitutional monarchy the corrupted system and corrupted politicians will learn some morals. King would never allow the politicians to deal with other nation which can harm the nation. King will never want crimes such as rape and murder in his country so that effective law can be passed and implemented appropriately.

A king will always want to develop the nation because he will not have any motive to become rich. All the tax paid my Nepalese will be invested in the development of the nation. King will neither support the corrupted people nor motivate people to be corrupted. Hence, we can get development such as roads, factories, schools, which can decrease illiteracy and unemployment rate.

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