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Personal analysis of Royal Family Massacre: A true king or a criminal? (1)

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Who might be involved in the Royal Family Massacre? Who might be the real enemy of Nepal? Different people might have different answers to this question. Some might choose the king to be the real enemy and some might choose the politicians. I respect the rights to freedom of speech of all the citizens. I might deliver something which might be intolerable to some people so you are requested to continue reading if you think I have also got some rights to deliver my thoughts and feeling.

Royal Family Massacre

The topic is about the real enemy of Nepal. However, I am not going to decide on any enemy here. I will just explain some behaviours and activities of the kings as well as the politicians so that you can decide the real enemy in this game. Let’s start from the very end of this game. Where? The massacre of the entire family of King Birendra. Who do you think is behind this black event of the entire Nepalese history, the Royal Family Massacre? If you think this was done by the former King Gyanendra and his son Paras then you might not be true. I think this was done with big planning. Think yourself, if King Gyanendra had to kill King Birendra and his family just to get the throne of Nepal then why would he do all these things in Royal House. A person who has guts to kill his own family member might also have a big brain and he would have killed them in many other ways.

In several cases of rape and murders, the court of Nepal needs several evidences to prove a person guilty. But how Nepalese people believed that King Gyanendra and his son killed the family of King Birendra. Only because they were alive in that massacre? Why didn’t Nepalese think in this way? For example, the guilty who was involved in that massacre left King Gyanendra and Paras alive so that all the blame can be put on their heads. I think the same thing has been done.

There might be the hand of several parties in the Royal Family Massacre. Some people also believe that Indian agents or some other powerful nations were involved.

Consequences of The Royal Family Massacre

Let’s break the consequences of this event. Gyanendra became the new king of Nepal after the event. After this, he dismissed the constitutional monarchy and ruled in an autocratic way. Yes, this was the need of the then situation. What do you think a king would do in such a situation when his own family members were killed and when he knew that there are many enemies nearby? What do you think? Believe me, the situation was too worst, he couldn’t share any information with any other people especially the politicians who were trying to attack the sovereignty of the nation. Yes, I think the decision taken by the king as a responsible person in that position is very accurate.

Let’s see, what politicians did at that situation. Instead of making king Gyanendra believe on them, the politicians started fighting against the monarchy. The then politicians targeted illiterate Nepalese. They delivered the message to the people that King Gyanendra and his son killed the King Birendra just to get the throne which was not true or we can say the message was transmitted without any evidence. Without doing the deep-root investigation of the case, they started delivering the wrong message to people who were already in an emotionally weak state as the beloved King Birendra and his family members were brutally killed in their own home.

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The then politicians were just taking the advantage of the situation. People were illiterate and people would believe whatever the politicians deliver to them. Yes, emotionally broken Nepalese people believed that King Gyanendra planned the Royal Family Massacre to get the throne and they supported such politicians to remove the monarchy out of this country. The iron should be hammered when it is in the molten form so that a defined shape can be given to it. In this case, illiterate and emotionally weak Nepalese were molten iron and the then politicians hammered by delivering the wrong message against King Gyanendra and Paras.

Okay, now let’s focus on what King Gyanendra did after people started to demand the end of the monarchy. He used the Nepal Army force at the beginning to suppress the voice. But at last, he left the throne and said: “I return the property of citizens to my citizen”. He didn’t involve any foreign power to suppress citizens’ voice although the USA was ready to help the King. But now see, what politicians are doing? The land of Lipulekh and Kalapani area is still under the control of India. Present politicians are planning to pass the MCC which can completely destroy our nation. Politicians are fighting with one another just to save their power and position but they don’t seem to be worrying regarding the development of the nation.

Development of the nation? This topic is interesting. Let’s see what kings were doing to develop our nation. You should have known there were many factories in Nepal when there was the monarchy.

Gorakhali Tyre Factory

Janakpur Cigarette Factory

Hetauda Clothes Factory

Chinese Brick Factory

Birgunj Sugar Factory

Bhrikuti Paper Factory

Bansbari Shoes Factory

Biratnagar Jute Mill

Himal Cement Factory

In the present days, all the above-mentioned factories are shut down. Nowadays, we are using Indian Tyres in our vehicle, Indian papers, and many Indian products. The present politicians are busy in delivering jokes and false promises to the people rather than doing developmental works. Nepal has been declared as the most corrupted nation in Asia as per the recent report by  Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) – Asia. Okay, we can discuss all these things later. Now I think you can conclude what might have happened with King Birendra and his family, King Gyanendra and our prince Paras.

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