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What’s the most insane thing a human has survived? 1

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I was trying to search for the most insane thing through which human has survived. And I have found something in a famous site Quora. Different authors have provided different names of human and different insane things through which such human has survived. So, I have chosen one of such insane things and created this blog.

1. Most insane thing Phineas Gage has survived

Varshith Reddy wrote this in Quora.

most insane thing a human has survived
Phineas Gage: most insane thing a human has survived

Well, There’s this unbelievable insane case of Phineas Gage. Phineas Gage was a 25-year-old railroad worker in mid-nineteenth century Vermont, the USA, where he directed his gang in gang blasting rock to prepare a rock bed for the railroad. In the process of gang blasting, a big hole is dug into the rock and filled with gun powder and fit in with a Tamping iron along with a fuse. While taking care of the work, something caught his attention behind his back, and he turned back and leaned over the blast hole.

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Blast hole
Blast hole

This is a blast hole and, in a way, makes Earth technically act as a gun. Unfortunately, Gage wasn’t given a gun safety 101 lessons of ‘never be in the path of a gun barrel’. So, as he leaned behind to speak something to his team of workers and before the words could be uttered, the blast hole went off and sent the tamping rod as a bullet flying outwards. It entered his cheeks and went through his brain and landed 80 feet away, smeared with his blood and brain matter. Just for context, this dude had a rod with the specification of 1-1⁄4 inches (32 mm) in diameter, three feet seven inches (1.1 m) long, and weighing 13-1⁄4 pounds (6.0 kg)‍ shoot through his skull.

The path taken by the rod
The path taken by the rod

In a miraculous turn of events, rather than dropping dead, Gage survived. After a brief period of convulsions after falling on his back, he was able to get up, speak, and walk with little assistance. He was taken to the physician Edward Williams for his treatment, where, as per the account of Williams, he recognized him and told him the story, said that he hoped he wasn’t very badly hurt (That is the level of optimism I would want to inculcate in my life).

He was conscious all along but tired from the blood loss. He stunningly made a close to full recovery in the upcoming months. He was a miracle in the field of medicine and was studied closely by a range of people, including a professor at Harvard Medical School.

Gage After his Surgery

Although most of the recovery seemed to be physical, as per his friends and family, his personality changed totally. He went apparently from a model citizen to a Quote fitful, irreverent, capricious and vacillating citizen Unquote. So basically, losing his bits of mind, made him lose his mind.

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Although, he did get mellow over the years apparently. After the incident, he was fired from the job as a railroad worker due to his transformation from hard-working, responsible, and “a great favourite” with the men in his charge to a short-tempered drunkard with little to no regards for human life. He went on working a range of odd jobs to support himself.

For a brief period of time, he worked in Barnum’s American Museum, where he was an exhibit, narrating his tale to the audience. He carried the rod with him most of the time and in his words referred to it as “my iron bar” which was to be his “constant companion during the remainder of his life”. Finally, after 12 years of living in borrowed time, his brain caught up with the fact that it’s supposed to be dead and finally Phineas Gage died after having a seizure.

His skull and the rod

His body after death was given by his mother to be studied in the name of science to John Martyn Harlow. After all the observations and studies, the skull along with the rod has been placed in Warren Museum, where they remain on display even till today.

Gage and his "constant companion."‍
Gage and his “constant companion.”‍
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