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The beautiful artwork of poor and physically challenged Kul Bahadur

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Rolpa’s Runtigadhi village municipality has Jaspur village about 3 km east of Holeri Bazaar. Kul Bahadur Dangi, 41years, of different abilities lives there. There are some congenital problems in Kul Bahadur – he cannot speak, and his both legs don’t move. He communicates with hand gestures, and he moves from one place to the next by crawling.

For the past five years, Kul Bahadur has been making various designs of architecture as well as handicraft materials. He can build various kinds of beautiful houses, temples, aeroplanes, people, birds, and other bamboo artworks. Although physically disabled, he has gorgeous artwork. The family consists of elderly parents and three brothers. Kul Bahadur lives with his parents. It has been difficult for his father to walk since he had problems with his right leg a few years ago.

Artwork of poor and physically challenged Kul Bahadur

artwork of Kul bahadur

Indra Bahadur Dagi, the elderly father of Kul Bahadur, hopes that it will be easier for him to run his business if his son’s artwork is promoted. He said “I used to feel sad for my son’s physical inabilities, but later I was very happy to see such art. But it could not be publicized. I am saddened by not being able to sell ready-made products.” He added, “I am getting old. I can’t do anything else. But if I am able to publicize my son’s business, then he can make his life better.”

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He can make some progress by encouraging the art and ability of Kul Bahadur. For this purpose, a request was made to Runtigadhi Village Municipality Chairman Balaram Budha to make his profession professional. It has been a year since the local government said it would help commercialize the art. But so far, no one has helped to commercialize the art of Dangi, which is very sad.

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