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Foodmandu – Nepal’s biggest ‘online food fest’ begins

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Nepal’s most popular online food delivery platform ‘Online Food Festival’ has been organized by Foodmandu regularly for the past three years. Foodmandu has routinely been hosting Nepal’s largest technology-based food festival since 2017, in which the company provides excellent food as well as entertainment to its customers.


The online food festival, which will run for a week, is hosting augmented reality games with excellent food deals, as well as live music for the first time. Artists like Jyovan Bhuju, Sanjay Mahat, Ujwal Man Shrestha, Prasanna Adhikari and others will give their special performances in the live music event.

For the first time, Foodmandu’s online food festival will be held in Pokhara. The company had expanded its service to Pokhara only a few days ago. Now even the people of Pokhara will be able to enjoy the biggest online food fest in Nepal.

Foodmandu Online food festival 2021

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Foodmandu’s online food festival

At the online food festival organized by the company annually, the company will offer attractive cashback to customers who order through mobile apps as well as a discount of up to 25 percent equal to a maximum of Rs 500. Similarly, the company will also provide a discount on payment through QR.

In the online food festival, the company will deliver food to the customers for only Rs 1, and they will also be able to get additional discounts by playing the games kept in the food festival.

Similarly, one hour offer will be organized 3 times a day in Flash Sale, and surprise food will be available at the minimum price under Mystery Bag.

QR payments can be made, and discounts can be availed through PhonePay at the online food festival. The online food festival will sell food orders to its customers online and provide entertainment to the customers, the organizers said.

“This year, we will provide food through the food festival as well as entertainment through live music performances,” said Shyam Mali, marketing and sales manager of the company. “We are even more excited to host an online food festival in Pokhara this time.”

According to him, customers will also get huge discounts through various games at the online food festival. The best restaurants in Nepal are participating in the Foodmandu Online Food Festival. Out of which 30 restaurants in Kathmandu and 14 restaurants in Pokhara will participate, they will provide customers with a food package with new and excellent taste.

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