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What do ghosts want? BY Harry Singh: Story of 4 ghosts

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Real Story of 4 Ghosts

The problem with ghosts and spirits is that they have been given a bad press. There is nothing frightening about them. Spirits are simply people who have died, but for some reason, cannot move on. This might be because of a sudden and unexpected death when the person then does not know they are dead. I have moved many people (ghosts) on from this position simply by communicating with them.

The only thing to remember is never to tell the person they are dead because they will not accept that. It’s just like moving on a drunken person who has temporarily lost their way home. There is no point telling them they are drunk. Ask them who they are and steady them on their feet and tell them which way to go. Often that is all it takes and is a simple process.

My story with ghosts: Harry Singh

Some are a bit more difficult, as the family of four that one night appeared at my flat where I lived previously. They were ghosts. They stood in the corner of my living room for three nights. They may have been there during the day, but I couldn’t be sure. And just put yourself in my shoes; you can’t simply get up from the sofa and tell them that you are going to bed because it is your time to go to sleep! And although they won’t stop you, could you go to bed knowing that there were four people standing in the corner of your living room?


They were a father, a mother, a girl of about eight and a little boy of about six. I stayed up for three nights with them but couldn’t get anything out of them. And although it appeared that I would not be able to help them, they still stood there waiting. After three days, they disappeared, and it wasn’t until about seven months later that the answer came to me. Then I recalled them to me. The name of the man was Bariam, and he had been thwarted and rejected by his family when he married his wife.

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They had all met a violent death together. I knew they had died together in any case, because they were together each time they appeared to me; they couldn’t move on because they were tied to each other and to Bariam’s family, but had been rejected. I eased those ghosts on to their next lives although I knew that they were all going to different places. – BY Harry Singh on Quora

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