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Are all hospitals haunted? Story of 1 hospital

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A haunted Hospital – Real Story

Probably, the hospital where I worked was haunted. When I saw the ghost of a patient and wasn’t going to back off. The nurses’ supervisor told me not to mention it to anyone, who wasn’t working with me that night. Then there was the fire in the trash can. Nobody was in the bathroom when it started. We, nurses, had our own smoking area. And the patients had their own. We had to evacuate the whole wing. Seven floors. And guess which floor I worked on? You probably got it 7. Then there was the witch.

She was blind, long gray hair. Her eyes were a cloudy green. This all happened on the third shift over a four-year period in that hospital. Every nurse on the floor was afraid of her. She rang her buzzer one night. There were 8 of us, nurses, on the floor. I was elected to attend to her. One of the other girls went with me. When we got to her, she said to me, your not afraid of me, are you? I told her no I was not. She then said the fire department is on the way. I asked why she would say that?

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She then informed me, she could see them. I told her they were not coming because there’s no fire. She told me again, she could see them. About 3 to 4 minutes later, fire engines pulled up. 6 of them. I have to admit she creeped me out a little bit. There was no fire. A silent alarm went off, mysteriously. I went back in to talk to her about how she knew. She told me she was born with a veil over her eyes. If you’re familiar with this condition, you know anyone born like this, can see things other people can’t see.

My great-grandma was born with it. But she wasn’t blind. The lady told me there were people who died in the hospital but weren’t at rest. While she was there, my friend and I went in and talked to her every night. She was a very interesting lady. We then started finding out, nurses and doctors on other floors also would occasionally see people who weren’t supposed to be there. But we couldn’t talk about it. So yes some of them probably are. Thanks for reading this. Hope I answered your question.

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