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Does our dream really happen in real life?

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A unique phenomenon called precognitive dreaming, whereby your dreams see glimpses or more of a future event.

This is a gift. Learn how to discern which dreams will come true vs neural static, the brain actions. This is knowledge, from daily thought residual. This dream is from a mental refinement in experiences. The future is revealed to you. The thought revolves around where and when the dream will come to life.

These insightful precognitive nightmares have a strong defining realism you’ve probably experienced before. There is another way to perceive and predict how and when the nightmares take place.

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As each nightmare comes to life write down each event and you’ll notice there’s a pattern, this is the bigger picture of why you’re having these nightmares. This is very worthwhile; it allows you a physical road map or mosaic that will speak directly to you in its content.

One of the major reasons you’re able to have these precognitive nightmares is based on intuition and an astral sensitivity, which means, there’s a spiritual entity involved in your dreaming. This is a beautiful talent worth developing.

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