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3 Best CIA Tricks: You can use this while using Hotel rooms

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As the security of all hotel is not the same, it will be fruitful to be careful on self. Here are the best CIA tricks that can be used. Many of us feel unsafe or insecure inside the hotel room so that you need to be careful.

1. This is a real CIA trick agent employ that anyone can use.

CIA Trick

Buy two small soft rubber wedges (see above) and insert the thin edge under the inside of your door about two feet apart. They’re simple, inexpensive, and easy to carry.

If someone tries to open the door either by picking the lock or hacking the digital lock, when they attempt to push the door open, these little wedges will “bite” into the floor or carpet and make it almost impossible to push the door open. The harder they push, the harder the little wedges will resist.

Because there are two wedges spaced apart, the intruder will not have the option of reaching around the door to remove them. At that point, the intruder would have to smash the door in which they won’t because it would make far too much noise and attract too much attention. So they just leave.

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2. Was your room secretly visited while you were away?

This is the next CIA trick to be safe in the hotel room. Buy one of those six-inch-long flexible plastic pocket rulers. They’re made from sheet plastic, so they’re very thin, less than one-eighth of an inch thick.

When you leave your residence, place the ruler up on the top edge of the door. Be sure to remember the position you leave it in. Close the door and depart.

scale cia trick

When you return, gently open the door just a bit and reach up to see if the ruler is still in the same place you left it. If it is, it’s highly unlikely that anyone has visited.

Here’s how this works. If someone entered your residence during your absence, when they opened the door, the ruler would fall off the door top. The intruder will instantly know that their intrusion can no longer be kept a secret. They’re busted!

Their dilemma is that they don’t know exactly where the ruler was so they won’t know how to return the ruler to its original position.

They may attempt to place the ruler back on top of the door, but they’ll inevitably place it in the wrong spot. When you return, the ruler will either be in the wrong location, or it may have vanished. Either way, you’ll know that someone has paid you an unapproved visit and the intruder will know that you now know of their attempt.

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3. Another CIA trick to determine if someone has entered your residence.

This is the next CIA trick to be safe in the hotel room. Buy a small box of cornflake cereal. Sprinkle the corn flakes on the floor where an intruder is sure to step, such as just in front of your computer desk. Place a small throw run over the corn flakes very gently so as to not crush any of them.

Remove all corn flakes from your residence and depart.

When you return home, go straight to the throw rug. Lift it up. If the corn flakes are still there and completely intact, your place was probably secure. But if the flakes are crushed or gone, you’ve been visited.

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