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Organizational mission, vision, purposes, and values

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Mission statement

Developing marketing strategies and objectives rely implicitly upon a sound understanding of the organization’s mission, vision, purpose and values. Before any objectives are identified, you will need to ensure that your understanding of these points is complete and current; always ensure that you stay abreast of any changes and upcoming changes and factor these into your marketing strategies and objectives.


A business’ mission or mission statement is a short statement that defines the business’ overall purpose. It should state what is important to the company, what their market is and should indicate a direction that the business is following.


The organization’s vision is something that the business is pursuing. The vision works to achieve the points in the mission statement.

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The organisation will have a purpose; this is the whole point of the business and shapes the organization’s mission and values.


Organizations generally have a set of values or a core value that define what the organisation is trying to achieve and why and how it plans and hopes to do so.

Confirm information

Your organisation will have these points published and visible throughout the premises, websites and on paperwork. They can be posted everywhere and heavily promoted, or they may be more discreet. In any case, you should always seek to confirm the organization’s mission statement before undertaking any marketing work.

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You can confirm this by:

– Reading current organizational materials and paperwork
– Communicating with senior personnel, such as:
– Owners
– Directors
– Senior management.


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