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Can a ghost walk through the wall? 4 key conceptions to consider

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Have you ever heard someone saying a ghost has passed through the wall? Most of the people claim this. Even we can watch this thing in different horror movies and stories. After researching on this, for most of my life and interviewing hundreds of people claiming to have seen the spirit, I have some things to consider.

Can ghosts really walk through walls?

  1. Ghosts are rarely if ever seen by more than one person at a time.

  2. Ghosts are usually reported as being seen for only a few seconds.

  3. Some spirits are seen by different people, at various times doing the same thing.

  4. Ghosts are often reported as walking through walls, above and below floor level, and floating.

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I read an article a while back from a physicist that stated that based on the laws of physics and atomic structures, ghosts could not pass-through solid objects. He suggested that ghosts would have to be made up of a material that does not exist. There were no known particles small enough to allow them to pass through walls.

So here is my unscientific theory based on the previous information. Spirits are not things that are observed directly through the optic nerve, but rather in the mind where sight is decoded by the brain. This means they could be generated in the brain or by some outside force projecting it to the mind. Either way, this explains why generally one person at a time sees them. However, it might explain why at some locations, numerous people report seeing the same ghost over a period of years.

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This might also fit with the “Stone Tape” theory which theorizes that memories especially those involving strong emotions can embed themselves into floors and walls, and somehow get replayed to people capable of picking up the signals. Of course, the problem with this is, we have yet to discover energy or mechanism that can do this.

There are some interesting laboratory experiments that seem to prove that humans can pick up certain stimulus from another person in a different location. In other words, A sender is given a stimulus in one room, and a receiver will show responses via an EEG. So, perhaps another source of these SPIRITS maybe another human.

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Regardless of the cause, if ghosts are viewed as a result of stimulus in the brain (not the eyes), that would explain how they walk through walls and appear above and below floors. Most scientists have an explanation that is much more mundane. That is that ghosts are simply created in mind for a variety of reasons. While I have seen ghosts on two occasions, I can’t say they are wrong, but I am not sure either. Either way, it is fascinating.

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