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3 important things regarding Human Resource Management (HRM)

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1. Definition:

Human resource management (HRM) is an organizational function that deals with issues relating to people such as performance management, recruiting employees, motivating employees, administration and training, safety, benefits. This is a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people at their workplace. With the rise of globalization, HRM’s role in many companies is growing rapidly.

2. Functions of Human resource management

The Human Resource Management functions strive to balance the organisation’s employees and the processes or the strategies that will ensure the success of the organization’s goals. HR management’s leading role is to develop and integrate business strategies and provide work training to the employees. The HRM deals with all the concerns of the employees. The HRM’s primary job is recruitment and selection of the human resource for the organization. This is the toughest part of the HRM practices as its most crucial part to understand the candidates’ capabilities and select the appropriate one for the organization.

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It is the HRM job to train the employees personally and professionally to understand their weaknesses and strengths and provide them with the work accordingly. HRM practices to research and evaluate the strategies and development models that will ensure its profit and fame. The HRM looks after the employees’ performances and makes sure that the employees do the work with proper perfection and secure the organization’s position in the market. They must ensure to provide a reward to the employee for their contribution to work. The HRM’s reward system will keep the employee motivated to work even harder in their toughest situation.

Succession and career planning comes under the operational HR department that allows and encourages the employees with the opportunities for growth, leadership training and education, which in turn contribute to the success of the organization. The HRM is the only bridge between the labour and the organization. It is their role to communicate with both of them on each other’s behalf to ensure the employees’ smoothing relation with the organization. The HRM functions to balance the workplace environment and provide the company with well-researched strategies and modules that will ensure the company’s benefit. HRM also maintains the balance between the internal and external environment of the organization.

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3. Importance of Human resource management

Human Resource Management is the most important part of every organization. The Human Resource Management practices manage the company’s overall performance which includes the external and the internal factors. Human Resource Management’s main objective is to create and maintain an efficient workforce that can meet the organization’s needs. Competitive nature of Human Resource Management will motivate the employees to work even more hard to ensure the achievement of the organizational goals. Human Resource Management is the main source of hiring and firing employees. The HRM emphasizes more to select the good candidates for the organization. When they find an employee not working up to the mark and disobeying the organizational policies, they will be fired from their designated work.

Human Resource Management practices to train and develop the employees according to the need of the organization. Another important role of Human Resource Management is to analyze and classify the work tasks. The HRM is more responsible for the designating the work to the employees according to their capability. Human Resource Management is also responsible for producing well-designed plans for the company that will successfully execute the important and critical human resource function.

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Human Resource Management plays a significant role in shaping up the organization, influencing and enhancing the morale, providing commitment between the organization and its employees, motivating the employees in the time of their need and ultimately enhancing the organization’s performance fulfilling all the aims and objectives of the organization.

Human Resource Management relates to the total set of knowledge, skills and attitude that an organization needs to compete in the market. HRM takes charge of all the actions that are taken on behalf of the company. The HRM deals with recruitment and selection, employee management and training, salary administration, training and development and much more. All these attributes come under the Human Resource Management philosophy

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