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Viral Nepali Kanda – Top 5 reasons why Scandal become viral in Nepal?

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Meaning of Nepali Kanda: If you just don’t know it

Nepali Kanda is obviously a Nepali word made up of “Nepali” which represent the nationality or language of Nepal and “Kanda” means “scandal”. Hence, any Nepali Scandal is supposed to be a Nepali Kanda. In the young generation people, the word Nepali Kanda is very popular, and they use this term to represent the Nepali Sex Scandal. This doesn’t only represent sex videos but also represent all the content which seems unusual, and usually, the contents or events should be adult content (18+).

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Reasons why Nepali Kanda gets viral

1. Nepalese men wishing to show their masculinity

This thing is very awkward to say, but yes Nepalese male thinks having sex is their masculinity. Even I have met many people who think like this. I even had to listen to stories of having sex from my male friends. How many times did they have sex, with whom, in which position, and every other small detail? Listening to this kind of things is very awkward.  However, many male Nepalese just record them having sex to show his masculinity to his friends as evidence. Later on, the same video gets leaked and gets viral as Nepali Kanda.

2. Lack of sense of privacy and confidentiality among Nepalese

Yes, we, Nepalese people, lack a sense of privacy and confidentiality. We don’t care what the people would feel when their private contents get viral. Yes, this is the reason why most of the Nepali sex scandal gets leaked and gets viral. If anyone gets such things, then he/she will surely share that to 2 or more than 2 people. We do not think that sharing such private content to even a single person can invite a huge issue.

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3.  Lack of proper security

Nepalese people’s security over the internet is almost zero. People cannot even protect their Facebook account with a secure password. The irony part is that most people use their name or their partner’s name as a password which is just weird and very easy to crack. The security of personal laptop and personal mobile phone is also the same. Low security. This makes it easier for the data thieves steal such private data and make viral on the internet.

For e.g., Japan Kanda which was stored on victim’s phone was leaked and gone viral in social media and several porn sites

Besides this, let’s talk about the security of Nepali secret group. For e.g., Men’s Room Reloaded, Boka Sangathan (Males’ secret groups), and Women’s Room reloaded (WRR), Femina (Females’ secret group). But do you know one thing? These groups are secret no more for those couples whose Facebook id and password are shared with each other. Male just keep stalking over females’ secret group and female keeps stalking over males’ secret group. If any member posts any kind of confession or 18+ content, then such couples start leaking the post making that the viral Nepali Kanda.

Viral Nepali Kanda such as Earphone Kanda, Supari Kanda, and Fitkiri Kanda are some examples.

4. No awareness of rules and regulations

The government of Nepal has imposed a ban on porn sites, and no Nepali is allowed to share such contents. But also, people openly keep sharing such videos on social media in the name of “Nepali Kanda”. People don’t even know that these things are illegal in the nation where they are living. Okay, if this thing is seen as normal, what about invading others’ privacy? Isn’t that a criminal activity?

The Chapter 6 of the Privacy Act 2075 states that Every person shall have the right to keep the personal data or details related to him or her confidential and the chapter 9 of the act “Electronic Means and Privacy” states that Every person shall have the right to maintain the privacy of the matter relating to any of his or her personal information, document, correspondence, data or character that remained in electronic means.

In Nepal, laws are made, but the government fails to communicate laws to the citizen and implement properly, which is not so good for a developing nation like Nepal. If this thing continues, then many Nepalese will lose morality and discipline in the near future.

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