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Caution: Bird flu in Kathmandu’s poultry farm: 10 tips to follow if you want to be safe

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Bird flu in Kathmandu

Bird flu in Kathmandu’s poultry farm is not a new case. Experts have suggested to be careful while raring different kinds of birds. Primarily, Bird flu was detected among birds like turkey, ducks, and chicken in local farms in Kathmandu valley. Bird flu has been defined as the strains of influenza that primarily affect the domestic and wild bird. Bird flu might be N or H based on the type of proteins on the virus’ surface. In Kathmandu valley, PCR testing was done with the number of birds’ sample. After the test, it was confirmed. The test was done by the central animal disease investigation laboratory.

The Department of Livestock Services has claimed that essential measures have already been taken to avoid the spread of avian influenza. However, medical professionals and researchers have suggested citizens to consume meat products by cooking appropriately.

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Here are some 10 measures that you can use to be safe from Bird flu

  1. Avoid eating half-boiled eggs
  2. Avoid eating undercooked chicken
  3. Avoid direct contact with birds
  4. Avoid touching dead birds without using gloves or other protective equipment
  5. Wash your hand with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer after touching meat, egg or birds.
  6. Avoid keeping raw meat in the open place
  7. Avoid direct contact with raw meat
  8. Use masks and gloves if you handle raw chicken daily (if you work in a fresh house, meat shop, or in the hotel industry).
  9. Maintain environmental cleanliness
  10. Eat meat and meat products after cooking properly

Bird flu in Kathmandu valley can be managed if we follow these safety measures. However, if neglected, it can be the next coronavirus.

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