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Do loved ones that have passed away visit you as a spirit? Do they appear as a white substance?

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This post was originally appeared on Quora by Elizabeth Martinez (Solo Paranormal Investigating (1990–present). You can follow the original author for more stories on spirit and ghost.

A spirit is a ghost or supernatural being as described by the Collins Dictionary. If we talk scientifically, then we might not believe in spirit or ghost. However, many people still think that loved ones that passed away come in the form of the spirit. This blog contains the story of an author in Quora.

My older brother passed away (1984) when I was 5. I can still remember what he looked like in his casket. He wore a black suit and tie, and he looked like he was sleeping. I didn’t know any different. I remember reaching down as my dad was holding me to wake him up and tell him that people are crying and I didn’t know why. I was ready to play.

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As I grew older, I didn’t think much of it. I just knew he went away for a while and then I realized what death was and then understood.

He’s come back to me in dreams. I’ve walked towards him from the back of the cemetery, and his back is to me as he stands near the weeping willow tree, and then as I get closer to him, he turns around and smiles. His hands clasped in front of him and he’s wearing that black suit he wore when I saw him.

When my daughter was younger (mind you she never met him and I have no pictures of him), she came to me one day and told me that my brother missed me and couldn’t wait to have cookies and kool-aide with me again. That was what we had together that I can remember. He was wearing black pants and this black tie and black coat on.

She described him and even drew me a picture of him lying down in this box. My mouth hit the floor when I saw it. I was confused and asked her where she saw him. She said he was sitting on her bed. I wasn’t scared that he came. I was happy that he came to visit and saw my daughter.

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Another instance of family returning was shortly after my dad had died my mom was taking pictures of the new furniture she got to show her parents and in one of the photos was an image of this figure sitting on the couch. As we looked closer, we realized it was my dad.

The next instance was when I got married; I asked my dad who had already passed if it was possible for him or my brother to show up to the wedding and in one photo you can see my dad’s face in front of the bushes. In fact, I wasn’t the one who noticed it in the photo. It was one of the in-laws who asked who the person was in the photo and I looked and broke down in tears. It was my dad’s face.

So those are several instances of spirits of my loved ones who have returned to visit. You can leave a comment if you have faced such a situation in your life.

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