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Facebook banned in Myanmar: January 4 2020

The news of Facebook banned in Myanmar has been circulating all over the world. Myanmar’s military, which has ousted a democratic government, has banned the use of social networking site Facebook. The military ruler said the move was for “stability”.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Communications and Information has said that access to Facebook will be banned until February 7. However, as in some places, Facebook is still in operation. According to the BBC, Anthony Aung, who runs a tour agency in Yangon, a major city in Myanmar, has said that Facebook is still operating from Wi-Fi. He said that access to Facebook was restricted only from cellular data. He said that within a few hours, Facebook was banned from every network.

Facebook banned in Myanmar

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About 50 percent of Myanmar’s population, 13 million people, have access to Facebook. The agitating rights activists have been sharing their events by running a page on Facebook.

Facebook, on the other hand, said that it was aware of the Facebook banned in Myanmar and that efforts were being made to re-launch Facebook, which has become an important means of communication with family and friends.

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