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5 Bad things about Nepali Media: Be aware

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Media are considered to be the fourth organs of the government. They are independent bodies to provide genuine information and news to the citizens. You might wonder if there exist some bad things about Nepali media. But, Yes, it’s true. I have seen some bad things about Nepali Media, which I will share in this blog. But before starting this, I will warn you that most of the things I will cover in this blog will be mainly related to Nepali media running on YouTube. So, Let’s start the discussion.

Bad things about Nepali Media

1. Focus on views and TRP

This is one of the worst things about Nepali as well as Indian Media. I am sorry to mention Indian Media here. But Yes, this is the fact. Nepali Media, especially YouTube-based media, can do everything for views. They won’t show the genuine news that exactly should be delivered to the people. Many media are interested in showing what celebrities are doing, what celebrities are wearing, eating, drinking, travelling, and blah-blah type news. They do not focus on where people are in trouble, where the nation needs more developmental works, etc. I have seen very few YouTube media doing this.

Although the national TV channels cover different social issues and other relevant news from different parts of the nation, this is limited to news programs only. The news mostly runs for 30-45 minutes (3 to 4 times a day), and in other time, they start playing the music video, Nepali folk songs and movies for TRP. Some channels also run discussion programmes where people are just called to create controversy rather than making actual discussion on social, political and other relevant issues. Be safe from these bad things about Nepali media.

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2. Bad selection of words for Title and Youtube Thumbnail

Bad words for the title have always remained one of the bad things about Nepali media. This is done for gaining views and popularity. The Nepali media are capable of using words, making different meaning. When a reader or viewer just clicks the news title and gets inside, only he will know that the title was just fake. Nepalese face this issue mostly in YouTube so dear YouTubers I kindly request you all not to do such things as this is one of the worst things in the media industry.

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3. Instant judgement

The main aim of Media is to deliver the truth to the common people. However, many Nepali YouTubers do not love to do so. They start giving their own analysis, evaluation and even decision. YouTubers start collecting evidence themselves, interrogate with different involving parties and then start giving judgement. They also use the same judgement statement in their news title or thumbnail. This is one of the best ways these YouTubers have found to trick the audience and gain views.

4. Irrelevant people for interview

What will be more bad things about Nepali media than this one? Rather than making discussions with genuine and related people, they start calling so-called public figures for discussion. We have lots of such so-called public figures such as Punya Gautam. If there is any social or political issue in Nepal, YouTubers reach to him for the interview which I find the funniest. These Nepali YouTubers are so powerful that they can make anyone a public figure. Making someone popular is not bad, but this is not what media should be doing in a nation. So, I have kept this as one of the bad things about Nepali Media.

5. Lack questioning skills

Media should be something that can raise questions to the government being in front of the citizen. But this doesn’t happen in our nation. Most of the Nepali YouTube media don’t give damn about people’s movements or any national event as they are busy capturing family quarrels and relationship issues. TV channels that go in such events only show what people did, what police did and what political leaders did. They don’t show guts to question the political leaders, police or other parties which is one of the bad things about Nepali media.

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