You are currently viewing Don’t forget to subscribe to these 8 Nepali Youtubers in 2021 who will be your best very soon

Don’t forget to subscribe to these 8 Nepali Youtubers in 2021 who will be your best very soon

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Many Nepali Youtubers are underrated and hardly have 100K subscribers. Nepalese audience genuinely loves Indian creators and other foreign creators. There are many amazing Nepali YouTubers whose content are fantastic but have to struggle for views and share. So, in this blog, we will look at some of the best content creators in YouTube whom you should follow right now. We need to support them and make them motivated to create content from their genre.

Nepali YouTubers, you should follow in 2021

1. Mokshya Music

This channel belongs to Nabin Khanal from western Nepal, recently living in Australia. He is a new creator in Nepali rap field. I am sure that you will love his flow and his lyrics. His song “Nyaye dey” is a song based on Nirmala rape case which can make a genuine Nepali cry. However, the song has got hardly 8.6K views. Besides this, his recent song “Yaad Haru” resemble his life as well as the life of every Nepali citizen who left the nation for employment. Check his channel and make sure to subscribe.

2. Bikyy Karki

It really hurts to take the name of this guy. He is Bikky Karki from far-western Nepal. His song “Ganja ko Sahara” is one of the most popular Nepali songs. This song resembles the pain after breaking up with a loved one. I know most of the Nepali youths have listened to this song, but unfortunately, they don’t know the real diamond who made sang this song. He has got his own YouTube channel with only 10K subscribers. You should support Nepali talents, so I hope you will subscribe to his channel and help him to grow.

3. Nawaj Ansari

This channel belongs to Nawaj Ansari, who is a bilingual rapper/singer/producer. He creates music in Nepali as well as the English language. He is one of the dope rappers from Nepal however only has 16K subscribers in his channel. He has dropped so many pieces of music, but most of them has barely crossed 10K views. He has got a good flow and good lyrics writing skill. Check out his channel and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel.

4. Doresh Khatiwada

He is one of the Nepali Youtubers who has got fame but very few subscribers on the channel. I think there are very few Nepali who don’t know him. He is famous for his dialogue “Tarika Ho?” in Nep-Gasm. Yeah, subscribe to his personal channel and get entertained personally. He is a stand-up comedian. So, why not to subscribe to him and laugh all the time.

5. Lafango’S

Lafango’S is entertainment-based Nepali content creator with only 68.5K subscribers. You can find meme review and reaction videos on his channel. I have not got much information for this channel, but yes, it is worthy of doing subscribe to this channel. I am sure you’ll not get bored watching him. Let’s make 100K in his channel.

6. Sakar Gurung

I love the way how he trolls random foreign people in Omegle. He keeps making reaction video and review on other significant topics. He is near to 100K. Just get into his channel and subscribe to this Nepali content creator.

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7. For Bonus If you don’t know: Why So Offended? and Random Nepali

Previously, both channels were underrated. However, in the present “Random Nepali” has 188K subscribers and “Why so offended?” has 113K subscribers. These Nepali Youtubers create unique contents that you cannot find in any other youtube channels. Random Nepali is very famous for crime stories. Unlike other Nepali Youtubers, both Youtubers talk facts and only with evidence. Both content creators take reference from Nepali law and history. If you don’t know these Nepali Youtubers, then go fast and check out their channels. You will be more aware of Nepali politics if you subscribe to these channels.

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