You are currently viewing Lil Buddha – Sacar Adhikari Biography, net worth ($1.5 million), best rapper and other info, you ever knew before

Lil Buddha – Sacar Adhikari Biography, net worth ($1.5 million), best rapper and other info, you ever knew before

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Sacar Adhikari, aka Lil Buddha, is one of the most popular rap artists from Nepal. “Very few people don’t know me but still hungry for fame – Lil Buddha” Yeah, he is true. There are very few people who don’t know him. He is very popular among Nepalese youth as well as at the international level. He was keen to rap from the beginning; however, he was not getting an appropriate platform. Late Nep-Hop King Yama Buddha hosted Rawbarz – Nepal’s first rap battle, which provided an opportunity to Lil Buddha to show his talent.

During Rawbarz Sacar was not Lil Buddha because he renamed himself as Lil Buddha after the death of Yama Buddha to show respect and love towards him. By the way, Lil Buddha and Yama Buddha have a common thing – their surname Adhikari, Yama Buddha’s name is Anil Adhikari, and Lil Buddha’s is Sacar Adhikari. Sacar had to face bullying activities from other rappers during Rawbarz because of his personality. Other rappers used to tease him, calling him homosexual, gay, and even female gender, although he didn’t have any gender dispute.

Lil Buddha – Sacar Adhikari
Lil Buddha – Sacar Adhikari (During Rawbarz)

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But now the estimated net worth of Lil Buddha is supposed to be NRS 15 crore ($1.5 million). He is also one of the fastest English rappers. He has got brilliant flow in Nepali as well as the English language. He lived in Australia after completing his intermediate level in Nepal. So, his ascent sounds Australian. You can hear King of Nep-Hop.

He has been taken seriously by Nepali audience only after his controversial videos after the death of Yama Buddha. He was too frustrated and drug addict. In his video, he used to take drugs and start remembering the contribution of Late Yama Buddha. He used to scold other rappers who just used Yama Buddha to build their careers. He also used to scold Nepalese politicians being frustrated from the unstable political situation in Nepal. At that time he was in Australia, so it was difficult to control him. Later on, he made a comeback which makes Nepalese audience happy and starts loving him.

Lil Buddha from the beginning

He was born on September 5, 1994, in Ghattekulo Kathmandu Nepal. His father name is Keshab Adhikari, and mother name is Roju Adhikari. Sacar completed his primary and high-school level education from Nepal. Later, he moved to Australia to continue his profession. He is a college dropout. Sacar Adhikari girlfriend is ‘Micky Rai’. His ex-girlfriend is Shreya Rimal, a famous YouTuber. However, Micky Rai is the ex-girlfriend of VTEN.

Lil Buddha’s music

If you are reading this blog, I am sure you have listened to the King of Nep-Hop made in collaboration with Uniq Poet. Read Uniq Poet’s biography here. He has done several pieces of music. Some of them include Kabja, Kehi Mitho Baat Gara, Sapana (remake version of Yama Buddha’s Sapana), Chuck YouMake That Money, Nepalese Style, Ibiza 2020, Buddha Dance, Baby You’re Psychotic, DNB Jam 1, Ganja Nation. If you have not listened to Ganja Nation yet, then you must. He has created this entire song on marijuana.

Where is Lil Buddha recently?

No one knows. He told all the audience that he would come back with a bang. Recently he was again addicted to drugs. So he was caught by Nepal police once. After that, he is underground. He is trying to make himself out of that addiction.

Biography of Lil Buddha in short

NameSacar Adhikari
Other namesLil Buddha
AgeAbout 27 years
Date of BirthSeptember 5, 1994
Permanent AddressGhattekulo Kathmandu Nepal
Currently living inKathmandu Nepal
ProfessionRap artist, musician,
Major worksKabja, Kehi Mitho Baat, Ganja Nation, King Of NEPHOP, Chuck YouMake That Money, Nepalese Style, Ibiza 2020, Buddha Dance, Baby, You’re Psychotic, DNB Jam 1  
Mother’s nameRoju Adhikari
Father’s nameKeshab Adhikari
Family members Parents and a sister
Marital StatusNot married
BirthplaceGhattekulo Kathmandu Nepal
Hubby or any Favorite thingsMarijuana, Money
Lil Buddha Biography

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