You are currently viewing Learn 4 unique features of telegram: Telegram has the feature to hide the last seen like WhatsApp

Learn 4 unique features of telegram: Telegram has the feature to hide the last seen like WhatsApp

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You might not know some special features of telegram which are similar to that of WhatsApp. Android mobile phone users can hide their last seen in this app which is also one of the special features of telegram. This will keep your privacy, and others will not be able to know what time you came on telegram. In fact, after the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, many people left WhatsApp and planned to join hands with apps like Telegram and Signal. After this, the graph of the userbase of Signal and telegram increased rapidly upwards. Today we are going to tell you about such special features of telegram.

How to hide the “last seen” in telegram? One of the unique features of telegram

First, open the Telegram app on your smartphone. After this, click on the Hamburger menu on the top left side of the smartphone’s screen. After that, go to Settings where you will find the privacy and security option inside, click on it. After this, click on ‘Last Scene’. However, you can also set who can see your last scene and who doesn’t. For this, you can change the default settings of Every-One to My Contacts or Nobody. Then click on “OK”.

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Video Editing and Color Correction features in telegram

Telegram also has the option to edit picture and video, which allows editing of media files before sending them. This editor is not just a basic crop and flips feature. It is a full editing tool, in which the user gets the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) curve feature so that users can make real-time colour correction in the video. Not only this, but the element can also be adjusted in it, which are features like saturation, contrast, exposure.

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How to use this feature?

To use this one of the best features of telegram, first, you must select a video, which you wants to send. After that, it will start to see the choice of options like Crop, Tune and Ad Element below.

Slow mode in groups:

Having too many people in a group increases the frequency of messages so that everyone’s message is not reached in a clear way. In the telegram, this problem can take a more formidable form because telegram has the feature to include a maximum of two lakh people in a group. The solution to this problem is given in telegram under the name of the slow mode, where the administrator can set slow mode. 

This is one of the best features of telegram. This will allow a user to send only one message in a specified time. If you understand from the example, if 30 seconds time is set in slow mode, then a user will be able to do the message in just 30 seconds, the second message will be able to send only after the completion of 30 seconds.

To activate such a slow mode in the telegram, click on the group name to set the slow mode, then click on the edit option with the pencil.  After going into permissions, you can choose the slow mode.


Administrator in telegram can create a poll on any issue, which is exactly like Twitter polls. Actually, these features can be used to express opinions on any two or three issues. To use it, one has to click on the Pols icon at the bottom.

I hope you will use these unique features of telegram. Thank you for being here. You can make guess-posting in this site. Kindly contact us and let us know if you’re interested. Stay safe, Stay happy reader.

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