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‘Hackers’ leaked military personnel data on Indian Airtel’s network: Warning to leak more data

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A hacker group has allegedly leaked military personnel data using Indian Airtel’s network in Jammu and Kashmir. However, the firm has denied any breach in its system. The name of this group is the Red Rabbit Team. The group has hacked some Indian websites and put the data on the different portals.

The hackers have shared some links to those portals in response to a tweet by cybersecurity researcher Rajasekhar Rajharia and tagged it to media organizations. A question referred to the Indian Army regarding “leaked military personnel data” has not been answered yet. However, an army officer said that we have no idea of ​​such information, but it seems that some vested selfish elements have done so with the wrong intention.

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When contacted, Indian Airtel spokesperson denied any breach in its server. The spokesperson said that we could confirm that there is no dent in the system of Airtel, as claimed by this group. Many stockholders outside Airtel have access to data according to regulatory requirements. We have informed the concerned authorities about this matter. We have requested them to investigate this matter and take appropriate action.

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Red Rabbit leaked military personnel data

The spokesman said that this “red rabbit” group has been in communication with our teams for the last 15 months and is continuously making inconsistent claims. The group is posting incorrect data from a region. The link shared by the hacker could be accessed based on the name, mobile number and address of the customers, but after some time it stopped working.

In a message sent to the news agency PTI-language, the Red Rabbit team claimed that it has access to Indian Airtel’s data on an all-India level and soon leaks some more data. It has been claimed that they have already leaked military personnel data. Rajhariya said that the hackers have been unsuccessful in providing any credible evidence about Indian Airtel’s access to All India data.


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