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Water ATM in Kathmandu| Cheap water for people only @Rs 5 per liter

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Water ATM has come into operation in Kathmandu since Thursday with the joint efforts of the Ministry of Water Supply, Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Management Board.

Minister for Water Supply Manichandra Thapa inaugurated the water ATM on Thursday (February 11 2021). In the first phase, ATMs have come into operation at Ratna Park, Balaju and Swayambhu Bhagwan Pau. With the connection of these ATMs, clean and quality drinking water facility has been made available in this area.

Executive Director of Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Board Sanjeev Bikram Rana informed that such ATMs will be connected in 15 different places within three weeks (within February month).

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Cost of water from such Water ATM

Consumers will have to pay Rs 1 per 200 milliliters of water available from water ATMs. You have to pay five rupees per liter of water. These ATMs will be operated by the suppliers for three months and will be handed over to the board after three months.

This ATM is connected to a system that provides hot water in winter and cold water in summer. Consumers have to use one rupee coin to get water from the ATM.

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While there is a problem of drinking water in Kathmandu, the water ATMs kept in public places are believed to provide clean drinking water to the general public at affordable prices.

Preparations have been made to operate Kalanki, Malpot, Baneshwor, Bangalamukhi Temple, Kasunti Transport Office and Shankha Park in Dhumbarahi in a week. The cost of operating water ATMs in different places of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur is Rs. 20 million.

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